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February 8th 2023

Studying original World War press coverage

Students in Year 9 have been studying the Second World War in their History lessons and were lucky enough to get the opportunity to see some newspaper articles that had been preserved from that time and brought in by one of our students. The newspapers were extremely delicate and an amazing historical source, showing how key historical events, such as the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, were reported at the time.  

Lilly in Year 9 explains the history behind her family’s collection of newspapers: 

"I thought these newspapers would be of interest to my peers in my History class. My grandfather knew I was doing World War 2 and he passed them down to my dad to give to me. These newspapers are original copies from the actual time. My great-great-grandfather was in the Battle of the Somme and he received a Distinguished Conduct Medal; he was one of the few to come back and was the one who collected the newspapers. My great-grandfather was part of the RAF in the Second World War."

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