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February 8th 2023

The Greatest Showman Dance Showcase at Junior School

Blockbuster musical, The Greatest Showman, came to the Junior School as part of a dance showcase for girls in Years 3-6. Demonstrating their passion, resilience and commitment to performance and sport, every single KS2 pupil got involved and threw themselves into the planning, which was no mean feat! The end result was a wonderful performance to parents and peers. 

As part of the planning, we were thrilled to collaborate with the Senior School. Year 12 Dance students choreographed the set routine for our Year 3 pupils and came down to Junior School to deliver a focused and energetic workshop so that the girls could improve their set pieces. We were so proud to see the girls working in small teams to choreograph their songs, taking it in turns to listen, making decisions as a group, producing ideas, and having the confidence to share ideas. This is an incredibly difficult skill, particularly for younger students, and really stretched their determination and team spirit – but they smashed it! Well done to everyone for working so hard and having the resilience to keep at it during the rehearsal stages and the confidence to get up on stage.  

Written by Mrs B Dunne, Head of Junior School PE 

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