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January 25th 2023

CSI Day - Year 5 put their forensics skills to the test

It was great to welcome our Year 5s over at Senior School for our annual CSI Day this week. The Year Group was divided into three teams - each with an iconic female Scientist as their inspiration – in a challenge to ‘Crack the code and solve the crime’.

The morning involved a series of investigative tasks:

  • Forensic fingerprinting – detecting ridge patterns and analysing fingerprints to find out how to catch a criminal
  • Thumb casting – an introduction into why police and forensic take impressions of clues for evidence and some DIY thumb casting to take home
  • Poison pens – using forensics to uncover the author of a suspect note from the crime scene and identifying the bottle of unlabelled poison
  • Code cracking – undertaking training to read and write encrypted messages and create secret notes using invisible ink

The session was rounded off with a delicious Senior School lunch, before heading back to Junior School for afternoon lessons. The girls had a fantastic time – leaving with an insightful peek into the life of a CSI, evidence bags and some spy goodies!

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