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January 25th 2023

Wellbeing and navigating a complex digital & physical world

Last week we had the amazing RAP Project (Raising Awareness and Prevention) visit our Senior School to deliver a number of Relationships and Sexual Education presentations; from how to safely navigate the ever increasingly complicated digital world to how young women can protect themselves from coercive, manipulative and unwelcoming behaviour to the effects of adult content on young men and women. 

The presentation for Years 7, 8 & 9 focused on ways to stay safe online, the importance of maintaining privacy online, setting boundaries and practising discretion & kindness on-and off-line.  

For Years 10 & 11 the presentation explored potentially dangerous situations and discussed possible solutions. It addressed online adult content and looked at how it is filtering into mainstream media and influencing expectations and body image. Issues surrounding personal safety in terms of early dating, parties, independent travel, the use of social media and the Internet were also addressed; as well as discussing how the future consumption of alcohol and drugs can diminish one’s radar, alter personalities and ability to communicate clearly. 

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