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December 14th 2022

Junior School Advent and the joy of giving

This festive season, the Junior School has been busy completing a Reverse Advent Calendar to donate to our wonderful local charities and help give all families an enjoyable Christmas. Each year group was designated a day and a donation type, plus there was a whole school appeal for tinned soup and Christmas decorations to go to Blackheath’s Age Exchange, and another to supply new toys for the Salvation Army appeal. Members of our Junior Team also volunteer at the Trussell Trust and Lewisham Salvation Army, so we thank you enormously for all your generosity in gifting these much-needed items for Christmas.  

Age Exchange 

Whole School Thursday 1st – tinned soup and Christmas decoration 

Trussell Trust  

Nursery Friday 2nd - Cereal 

Reception Monday 5th – Pasta/Rice 

Year 1 Tuesday 6th – Tins of fruit and veg 

Year 2 Wednesday 7th – – Pasta Sauce/Tinned tomatoes 

Year 3 Thursday 8th – Tins of meat/fish/soup 

Year 4 Friday 9th – UHT milk/juice 

Year 5 Monday 12th – Tea/coffee/biscuits 

Year 6 Tuesday 13th – Toiletries (toothpaste, shower gel, sanitary products, deodorants, shampoo/conditioner) 

Salvation Army 

Sunday 11th - supporting the Salvation Army’s appeal for new toys 


Written by Mrs C Oke, Year 2 Teacher and Charities Co-ordinator 

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