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November 14

A busy year so far for the Head Student Team

In the last week the Head Student Team (HST) met with Ms Beecham and Mr Henderson to discuss and celebrate the year so far. The Head Student Team have been very busy this term with many different projects and meetings, not to mention putting their university applications! 

One of the key areas of focus for the HST has been Diversity & Inclusion projects, having recently attended The Charter Student Leadership conference to discuss driving change in school communities.  

Next up in their busy diary is to begin organising a conference for student leaders with six other schools, which is focused on sexual assault and how to be an active bystander. Not only are these big topics to focus on, but the responsibility and independence of driving such conferences and workshops provides great project management experience and confidence building for the future. This next conference – currently in the early stages of planning – involves the team in networking to bring in an outside specialist to run a workshop and will also be coming up with ways to share information and learnings with each school. 

Later this term the Head Student Team will also be looking forward to going to Junior School to deliver an assembly. The team are doing a great job and without doubt are fantastic role models for our younger girls. 

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