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November 14th 2022

Year 10 foil Escape Room plot against mankind

Agents, beware! Launching the missile into the satellite will trigger the command centre's self-destruct sequence. You have 60 Minutes to destroy the satellite until it goes online and evacuate the command centre before it self-destructs. You and your team will be sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate into the Professor’s command centre, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes in order to destroy the satellite once and for all. 

As Professor BlackSheep schemed against mankind, our Year 10s had to solve puzzles and foil a dastardly plot in a thrilling Trips Day Escape Room challenge! Pushing them outside their comfort zones, resilience and great teamwork prevailed. 

Year 10 students demonstrated an amazing ability to communicate and problem solve in a challenging environment. Not only did they have to discover clues around each room, they also had to solve unique puzzles and challenges, collate appropriate information and communicate with staff to successfully escape. It was a great pleasure for their teachers and tutors to see them outside their comfort zones and involving all their peers from across the year group. As a Head of Year, I was extremely proud to hear that all participants were actively involved in the challenges set and to see first-hand their continuous resilience and positive attitude. 


Written by Jessie Ling, Head of Year 10

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