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November 14th 2022

Year 7 learn about the Torah and explore Hebrew script

Last year, we were proud to launch our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Pledges within our school community. Two of the pledges examine how we can use both our rich curriculum and the buzzing city we live in to promote our DEI mission:  

  • Reflect and promote the value of diverse materials, perspectives and backgrounds in our curriculum and approach to learning 

  • Recognise and celebrate the value of diversity, equity and inclusion in our school and wider society 

On Trips Day 2, the Jewish Museum of London hosted all our Year 7 students for a day of bespoke workshops and exploration at their extraordinary base in Camden. The workshops were led by the museum’s Education Department, and provoked thoughtful questions, asked students to challenge prejudice and encouraged greater understanding of the city’s Jewish community. The students considered the importance of the Torah for Jewish life, tried their hand at producing a Hebrew script, and explored the richly detailed displays in the museum’s two galleries. The day ended with a drink of grape juice and a delicious slice of challah bread. We look forward to making this an annual visit for our students! 

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