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October 11th 2022

Head Student Team blog: future changemakers

A-levels are demanding in themselves but having the additional load of university decisions and the big question of what you may want to do with your future certainly makes Year 13 a challenging year. However, the endless support we are being given by the Sixth Form Team through PSHE sessions, guest speakers and their open-door policy reassures us all and helps to make these big decisions less daunting and more exciting. Although Year 13 is a very busy year, I still feel as though my wellbeing is considered a priority to all teachers and that I can talk to them freely about any worries I may have. Just last week, Mr Sodhi delivered a Sixth Form assembly on the importance of wellbeing and the different methods we can use to help keep our mental and physical health intact. I feel extremely comfortable with my teachers and know they are there to support me not just academically, but also emotionally.     

Next year, I aspire to study Human Geography at university, but I am yet to finalise where. My love for Geography revolves around its facilitation for social change.  Within Geography I am able to learn about an array of things, including different cultures and the interactions between communities and their environment. I think the subject really helps to open peoples’ eyes to the difficulties faced all around the world, which is key to driving change.  

On the topic of change, this week the Head Student Team attended a Leadership Conference at Wimbledon High School with 21 other schools from around London. Throughout the course of the day, we had workshops on the following two topics: Creating Inclusive Environments and Civil Discourse. We worked in small groups with people we didn’t know, discussing what issues we have at school in creating an inclusive environment and how we’re trying to overcome this. We not only learnt about what other schools are doing and how we could implement their ideas, but we were able to share our ideas, such as the new school government system, giving us the opportunity for our ideas to have a greater impact and not be confined to Blackheath High. It was valuable to be in a room full of people with varied interests, opinions and experiences, but who had one goal in common: to be changemakers and improve our school environments through roles of responsibility. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and look forward to potential collaborations with other schools in the future.   

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