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September 21st 2022

WalkActive at the Wollstonecraft Speaker Series

This year’s Wollstonecraft Speaker Series, an enrichment programme run by our Head of Futures, opened with a talk from Joanna Hall, creator and founder of WalkActive, an innovative programme which aims to improve health, fitness and posture all through walking. Joanna studied at Loughborough University, gaining an MSc in Sports Science, before going on to an internship at the prestigious Virginia Mason Sports Medicine Clinic in Seattle, USA.  

Using her 25+ years’ experience in the health & fitness sector specialising in walking, fitness and wellbeing, Joanna has published 14 books which have been translated into five languages. In addition, her WalkActive book is an Amazon #1 bestseller. She inspired Years 11-13 with a talk about her journey to success, her career inspirations and her many achievements. 

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