July 5

Head's blog July 2022

It is with very mixed feelings that I am writing my final Head’s intro to Highlife. Like many things over the past eight years, Highlife has changed beyond recognition. When I first arrived, we were still producing it in hard copy for a starter and it would be unrecognisable to many of you now.  

To quote Benjamin Disraeli: “Change is inevitable, change is constant”. There is no doubt that periods of change can be unsettling, exciting and unnerving in equal measure. Reflecting on any of the major junctures in my life or career, it is the periods of change that have challenged me most but also helped me grow the most as a person. I have always taught the students to embrace change, see its positives and seize opportunities. I also acknowledge with them that it can make us feel fear and doubt. As my time to leave Blackheath High GDST approaches, I am undoubtedly feeling all of those things. 

I feel incredibly proud of the school, how it has developed and grown, the strong sense of community and pride that we have all built together. I am tremendously grateful for the trust, support and kindness that you all have shown me, as I have sought to lead this fantastic community over the past eight years and look after your daughters. It has been a pleasure speaking to many of you face to face (finally) at the many joyous events this term, sharing memories and accepting your kind wishes for the future. Of course, I also feel fear, at leaving somewhere I have been so happy and proud and starting anew. Nonetheless I am confident that the school is in a great place and that there is an excellent team in place, with Mrs Argile and Mrs Skevington at the helm, to resume normal service once again in September. 

I will certainly continue to take great interest in the school and how the students are getting on, albeit from the other side of Hadrian’s wall. I do hope if any of the girls find themselves in Edinburgh, they seek me out at St. George’s; I would be delighted to see them. I wish you all well for the future and a restful and enjoyable summer when it comes.

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