December 17

It's the end of autumn term at blackheath high school

I think this must be one of the busiest times of year. With presents to organise, social events to co-ordinate and ever-changing Covid guidance to respond to, I am sure we are all scrambling to get ourselves organised.

Despite ongoing challenges, as ever, I can't thank you enough for your patient and warm support of the school and your daughters as we have navigated this term. The Covid flurry in November has stretched us in terms of staffing and hybrid teaching and I thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

A particular thanks to our BHSA organising committees this term who have had to be incredibly agile in terms of responding to Covid guidelines and yet still managing to co-ordinate events that bring us together as a community. We really do appreciate you and everything you have persevered to achieve.

Our students continue to make us proud. From the new-joiners in Nursery and Reception who are already so impressively settled in school, to the Year 13 girls submitting their UCAS forms and preparing for Oxbridge interviews with poise and passion.

Year 11 in particular have really impressed us with their calm and measured approach to their mock examinations this term. Our new Year 7 girls are already part of the family at Seniors and it was lovely to meet with parents, albeit virtually, to confirm and reassure you as to how well they have settled.

I wish you all a well-deserved restful and healthy festive period with my good wishes for a successful and positive 2022.

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