July 9

A few reflections to finish the year

Congratulations to everyone in school for arriving at this point of the year so positively and in one piece! From my perspective, the year has both sped by, but also seemed incredibly long - if that makes sense! I know you will be wanting to put down your screens, get outside and spend precious family time together, so I’m just going to finish the year with a few short and sweet reflections:

  • I don’t know if you know this quote: “Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees.” (Thomas S. Monson). We definitely have a sequoia of staff at Blackheath High. I cannot think a Head could ask for a better team.
  • When things are really awful, kindness and a sense of humour and proportion go a long way to make things brighter.
  • A societal shock like a pandemic can really cause you to question your priorities, values and the way you have ‘always done things’ and that can lead to change for the better.
  • A great education, built on strong and trusting relationships and passion for learning, is remarkably resilient even when you remove the things you thought were essential - like classrooms.
  • Far from being snowflakes, the young people we have the privilege to teach are braver, wiser and more adaptable than society sometimes gives credit for.

I hope you all get to spend some wonderful family time, have a chance to recuperate and that you feel the optimism of a brighter 2021-22.

Thank you everyone for all your support – over and out!

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