May 28

I am proud and motivated after seeing the resilience of our staff and students

It has been a complete joy to have got through a full half term with all our students physically in school and learning, with us, in classrooms and around the site. They are now due a well deserved rest after a very ‘full-on’ six months and I hope you, and they, are able to enjoy it. Senior School parents will have received a short video message from me updating you on all things senior school, so I will keep this short and sweet.

As ever, I am immensely proud of the way the school community has continued to pull together this half term. At a time when we are heading towards ‘normality’ but really not there yet, it is easy for patience to thin and tempers to fray. What I see, every day, is school staff dedicating themselves to whatever challenges are thrown their way on GCSE and A Level assessments, thinking creatively about how to get students out of the classroom and exercising their physical and mental muscles. I see the parents’ association (BHSA) finding new and creative ways to support the school and I see the incredible resilience of our young people, taking each challenge as it comes, putting a smile on and adapting to each new situation. I was really touched to receive a lovely card from one of our Year 13s today, thanking me for being enthusiastic and motivating during a difficult time, but quite honestly, it should be the other way round. Far from the snowflake generation, I think our students have been quite incredible and have gained skills and experiences that will last them well beyond school. I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of them; they are definitely my reason for getting up each morning and getting on with whatever lands on my desk! My thanks to them, to you and all our wonderful staff for another brilliant half term.

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