December 16

This extraordinary term has made us more appreciative

It is the end of the most extraordinary term. I am sure we have all been grappling with new challenges of the last few months, tiring of ‘virtual’ life and yearning for aspects of pre-COVID life.

Everyone is ready for a good rest. Yet the experience has also, in school, made us feel more appreciative I think. We feel fortunate to be part of such a strong and supportive community. We are appreciative of the small kindnesses and thoughtfulness from our peers and from you as parents too. We value, even more through it’s absence, the energy we get from gathering together for social events, assemblies, trips and team challenges. We appreciate the optimism and ingenuity of our girls and staff in finding new ways to connect and communicate and the opportunity to think afresh about new ways of doing things.

Thank you for all your support as a community in navigating the challenges this term, helping to keep all of our community safe and finding our way through with patience and understanding. What better example can we set for our young people then that?

I wish you all a peaceful and restful end to the year and a positive and optimistic 2021.

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