December 14

So many things to be thankful for this Christmas

The ambitious, fast-paced restless world we live in rarely encourages us to have pause for thought or appreciation. As the ever brilliant ‘School of Life’ puts it: “At best, gratitude appears like the consolation prize – the loser’s counsel.” Yet plenty of recent research projects have suggested taking time to be grateful is incredibly good for us, not to mention for others. They even go so far as to suggest it is good for our brains. This was the focus of my final assembly of the term at Seniors and, I hope, provides the girls with some food for thought in this season of thanksgiving.

With this in mind, I would like to express my appreciation for all the many members of our wonderful Blackheath High School community who have made the final two weeks of term particularly special. I would like to thank all the family members who organised, volunteered and participated at the annual BHSA Christmas Crafts event. Making coffees, bringing Father Christmas to the Junior school, crafting gingerbread houses, stoking the barbecue and selling trees and wreaths. The whole event really was special and raised a fabulous amount to invest in opportunities for the girls too. It has been lovely to see extended families at all our celebratory events at the end of term, so thank you for supporting us so loyally and warmly. I know many of you have taken the time to thank our hard working teachers and send warm and appreciative messages that are so appreciated. We feel very fortunate to have such a genuine and inclusive school community.

I must give an additional mention to the Carol Concert at the Old Royal Naval College. We already know we have a fabulously creative and inspirational music department at Blackheath High School, but once again the whole staff team excelled themselves by creating a really memorable and special event. The girls’ performances were spine-tingling and inspiring in equal measure.

I have also been incredibly lucky to enjoy a host of wonderful festive nativity, revue and carol performances from Nursery all the way through to Sixth Form. It is clear to see that the genuine heartfelt confidence the girls have by Year 13 is the outcome of the attitudes and approaches cultivated as early as age three within an atmosphere that supports fearlessness and trying oneself out. Anyone present at the Nursery’s first nativity would have enjoyed the glimpses of personality and creativity on show in the ‘wonky donkey’ dance. More than enough to soften the heart of any headteacher.

So with grateful thanks to all the staff, students and parents at Blackheath High School for another hugely successful term in our fabulous school, I wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable festive season.

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