11+ subject scholarship guidance

We offer a range of scholarships and bursaries to exceptional applicants at the Senior School. 

Scholarships and bursaries may only be applied for at the main Senior School entry points of 11+ and 13+ - if you are looking for information on Sixth Form applications, please download the Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries Booklet.



Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of merit and potential, and are not related to financial need. Blackheath High School offers general academic scholarships and also specific Art, Music, Drama and Sports scholarships. A student may hold both an academic and a subject-specific scholarship, both of which  will be expressed as a percentage remission of the fees. However, in accordance with the Girls’ Schools Association agreement, the combined value will exceed a 50% remission and more often comes to around 25%. All scholarships will be offered in writing when the results are sent out. These scholarships will remain tenable throughout the student’s seven years at the Senior School and Sixth Form, subject to satisfactory application and performance.

While all students are automatically considered for the general academic scholarships, you will need to indicate on our online application form if you would like to apply for an Art, Music, Drama or Sports scholarship. You will then be provided with a second scholarship-specific application form that is accessed via the online application portal.

Scholarship awards are made at the same time as the entrance examination results are announced. Please note that Art, Music, Drama and Sports scholars are also expected to perform well in the entrance examination. The majority of scholarships awarded are for general academic performance and potential.

Art scholarship guidance

Art Scholarship Guidance Notes


Sports scholarship guidance

Sports Scholarship Guidance Notes


Music scholarship guidance

Music Scholarship Guidance Notes

Drama scholarship guidance

Drama Scholarship Guidance Notes




Blackheath High School is an exceptionally warm, diverse, and inclusive environment.

We support a small number of bursary places to provide talented girls access to a GDST education who could not afford it without financial help.

Bursaries are awarded on academic merit and potential but are also means-tested, and parents must meet certain criteria relating to their income. Bursaries vary in scale from 100%: 50%: 30% depending on wealth and income.

All bursaries will be offered in writing when the results are sent out. If you are interested in applying for a bursary, you will need to indicate this on our online application form. You will then be supplied with a second bursary-specific application form that is accessed via the online application portal. This form will need to be completed before the application deadline in October.

Bursaries are reviewed annually to take account of changing financial circumstances, and the parental contribution can change to reflect changes to the family income.

Offers of scholarships and bursaries are made with reference to the student’s:

  • academic ability, including attainment in 11+ tests
  • performance at interview/audition/sports trial/art assessment
  • commitment to joining Blackheath High School
  • contribution to the wider life of their primary school
  • record of behaviour at their primary school

A waiting list is maintained and, if any scholarship/bursary offer is declined, a new offer is made to the next person on the waiting list in order of merit.