Chinedu Agwu

Class of 2012

Mobilising a new bioscientific workforce

Chinedu (BHS 2005-2012) has been in touch to share news of an exciting science related project she launched in May 2023.  

After leaving Blackheath High, Chinedu gained a degree in Biomedical Science from Newcastle University and is now a Lecturer in Biosciences based in the new Brunel Medical School at Brunel University. Her new venture, BioSci Toolkit has been designed to spark interest and demystify bioscience within the black and minority communities, who are grossly underrepresented in the sector - as teaching staff, and within the student population and workforce. She says, “Throughout my time as a bioscience student, admissions tutor, teaching fellow and now lecturer, I have witnessed first-hand not just a lack of diversity in the field, but also a lack of accessibility to scientific degrees and careers. BioSci Toolkit is a bioscience resource page which will draw attention to employability opportunities in the bioscience field; mobilise a diverse workforce to fill vacancies in the research sector, academia and wider industry; and spark curiosity about bioscience in young people earlier by making it more relevant and applicable.” 

We are excited about Chinedu’s plan to spark change and bring new life to biosciences and we will be finding ways to bring her in to inspire and empower our students. If you would like to tell us about innovations you are developing or join us here at Blackheath High to speak to your future workforce, please drop us a line: 


Explore Chinedu’s concept here: