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June 23rd 2022

My Vision: hear from our new Head Girl, Aini

Over my eleven years I have spent at Blackheath High, I have been provided with an immense amount of support, enthusiasm and encouragement from teachers and older students. These constant efforts demonstrated by the school have played a meaningful part in my life and have aided my personal growth, which has allowed me to flourish into the hard-working student I am today. All the skills I have obtained have allowed me to face any challenges I encounter with confidence and determination.

Blackheath High has made consistent efforts to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones in order to discover our true potentials. As a result, I have always been keen on seizing any opportunities that come my way to obtain valuable experiences and life lessons. I have been lucky enough to participate in many enriching events such as visiting Oxford University for a Mathematics conference in Year 6, to recently having attended Engineering and Maths masterclasses at both Kings College university and UCL. Sports at Blackheath High has allowed me to attend masterclasses conducted by Olympic athletes, as well as playing in the London Youth Games and attending Wimbledon during the tennis season. In addition to this, learning the violin at Blackheath has been an eye-opening experience and is a skill I hope to continue to progress with after I complete my school journey. Music has enabled me to find my passions and grow my confidence by performing in incredible venues, such as the Old Royal Naval College.

Without fail, Blackheath has created an unbelievably comfortable and safe environment for students to thrive within. Having the benefit of forming close relationships with teachers, enabling us to receive the support and help needed whenever necessary. Our small year groups and classes has allowed us to build close friendships and form lifelong memories with each other. Subsequently, it is only natural that our new Team of Student Leaders work so well together. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses has allowed us to form an efficient group of hardworking students. Over this year, we intend on achieving many great things to continue improving this school.

Without a doubt, the role of Head Girl is one of great responsibility and honour therefore, I believe it is my duty to meet and exceed the demands of this responsibility. Over the next year I hope to fulfil several different tasks, which I am sure will help better Blackheath High. As a result of the pandemic, we were limited to the amount of communication that we could have with other year groups for a long period of time. I believe that forming meaningful friendships with peers in other year groups will allow us to have a community built on the foundations of trust and friendship, which will bring the student body closer together and create the best environment to be in.  

Extending the buddy programme to all years will be a fundamental step towards bridging the gap between the older and younger year groups. Furthermore, I want to emphasise the importance of educating ourselves about other students’ cultures and embracing the diversity within our school. Creating a culture week with a range of different activities will allow us to display and learn about our differences, making school a safer and more comfortable place to be in.

From my early years in Blackheath High I have been taught that everything is possible through hard work and by looking up to the head girls year after year, I came to realise that being ambitious allows dreams to become a reality. Therefore, I am beyond excited to begin my role as Head Student and hope to maintain the high standards of my predecessors whilst continuing to improve our outstanding school.

Written by Aini, Head Girl


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