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May 18th 2021

Eco Club awarded with adoption of an elephant from WWF

Blackheath High School Eco Club has been awarded with the adoption of an elephant from WWF for the hard work and engagement from students in year 7 to 11. 

As part of their incredible work this summer term, the girls did an assembly for Earth Hour, to encourage students to turn lights off and embark on other activities. A non-uniform day was also organised to raise money for Earth Day. 

Our Eco warriors from Year 7 engaged the school in joining #NoMowMay, to increase our playground’s biodiversity throughout the month. Students have also enjoyed doing field studies and will have the nectar score calculated as well. This doesn't stop there as the club designed badges and sold them to raise money for WWF, just so they can make students aware of endangered species and ecosystems. They also had a live lesson delivered by Ms C. Howkins about climate change and ecology. 

At the moment our Eco warriors are actively working for Plastic Free Schools, and taking part in the #MillionMileMission by doing research and litter picking around Blackheath for Keep Britain Tidy. 

We are immensely proud of the incredible work the Eco Club have done throughout the term already and they have truly earnt their award. 


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