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March 10

Preparing for the future - we welcomed Dr Sam Lucy to advise on admissions to Oxbridge universities

Helping Blackheath Sixth Form prepare for the future.


On Tuesday 28th February, our Theatre was filled with students and parents, alongside invited guests from neighbouring St Ursula’s Convent School, Deptford Green School and Greenwich Free School, who had all gathered together to gain valuable insight into the admissions process for Oxbridge universities.

Dr Sam Lucy, Admissions Tutor for University of Cambridge; visited us to help prepare students applying to study at the UK’s most competitive universities. Dr Lucy outlined the academic demands and style of teaching which make undergraduate courses at both Cambridge and Oxford so distinctive.  She explained the application process in detail, emphasising that offers are only made after assessing a broad range of evidence.  She made clear to the students that not only academic excellence, but most importantly, a genuine and deep interest in the chosen subject is required. 

Students were very grateful to learn the format of typical interviews and which qualities the interviewers look for in a successful candidate. 

Sixth Form student, Samantha O’Sullivan, who aspires to study English Literature at Oxford found the talk valuable and reassuring, saying: “It was so helpful to hear directly from someone so involved in the application process.  We hear some myths and misconceptions surrounding Oxbridge entrance and Dr Lucy was able to dispel them giving us the facts that we need to make the best application and impression at interview.”     

The well attended event included a question and answer session and Dr Lucy spent a considerable amount of time after the formal presentation speaking to individual students.

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Elliott said: “We are delighted that students leave here each year to study at the country’s most competitive universities, including Oxbridge. Dr Lucy’s talk further motivated students to apply through arming them with the knowledge of what they need to aspire to.  It was also wonderful to see so many students and their parents from our neighbouring schools in attendance."       


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