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May 9th 2018

60 seconds with Mr D Nott, Director of IT and Computer Science teacher

From finding new apps to discovering new technology and developing strong educational links with Apple, Mr D Nott (Director of IT and Computer Science teacher) tells us all. 

Tell us about yourself

I am the Director of IT at Blackheath High School and also a Computer Science teacher to girls from Year 7-13. This involves ensuring that we are using technology effectively to support teaching and learning at both schools. 

I have worked at Blackheath High School since 2001. I left my teaching role in a boys' school in Kent to join as the Network Manager when we had just a few PCs. In 2008, I went to work for the GDST Central IT Team as an Enterprise Network Manager which involved supporting six schools across the country, including Blackheath High School. I came back full-time in 2012 and have enjoyed having the opportunity to teach again in such an exciting subject which is always changing!

Working at six other schools gave me an excellent insight into what would work well at Blackheath High School. I believe it helps having a mixture of a teaching and technical background too.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy finding new apps or discovering technology that is exciting to use that will help students learn and make lessons more enjoyable for everyone. I also enjoy coding and seeing girls enjoy learning it in lessons, having the opportunity to run clubs like table tennis and Minecraft, and going on the Year 8 PGL trip each year.

What makes working here at Blackheath High School so rewarding and enjoyable?

The school is very forward thinking and we are never afraid to try something new that will help us achieve more. Teachers and students are always really supportive and appreciate of the time and effort that is involved in implementing new initiatives. 

What has been your biggest achievement at Blackheath High School?

We have developed strong educational links with Apple over the last five years and we have recently been chosen to be one of their ‘Lighthouse’ schools within the GDST so that we can share our experiences with others. We hope to go on to become an Apple Distinguished School.

What has been your biggest challenge at Blackheath High School?

It has been quite a challenge to move our teachers at Seniors to MacBooks over the last two years but it has been worth it to often hear how much they love them now – most of the time at least!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have three boys who are 8, 10 and 13 and I spend a lot of my spare time playing sports like football and table tennis with them. I also enjoy watching them playing for different teams at the weekends. I also spend time coaching my youngest boy’s football team.

Tell me something surprising about yourself 

When I was younger I beat the No 1 English Table Tennis player at the Beep Test!

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