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February 7th 2024

Head Student Team Blog: Emily reflects on fashion and the flourishing Creative Arts at Blackheath High

The Blackheath High Fashion Show never fails to disappoint, and this year's show held this week was no exception. The show, titled ‘dazed saw an exuberance of energy and staggering talent from high-quality production to eye-opening designs. It is no surprise that the dedication of our Art & Textiles department, in particular the mastermind that is Mrs Gilbert, has infiltrated the school as this year’s show saw its biggest involvement yet with students from all years creatively collaborating to design and model.

From Art GCSE to A-level Textiles, the process starts early with extensive conceptualisation and development, which is arguably the most integral part of a successful collection. This spoke through clearly on the runway as each collection laid an impact through their cohesive subject and thematic production. Alongside experimentation and conceptualisation, technical skills are taught thoroughly which is evidential in the intricate fabric manipulations, print designs and innovative textiles which informs the student’s well-constructed garments.

The creativity that is translated from the craftsmanship of the designers to the stage is a truly inspirational experience that holds a particular resonance to me as an A-level Textiles student aspiring to study fashion design. My drive for pursuing a future in fashion has been heavily influenced by Blackheath High’s ability to nurture creative minds and provide an outlet for artistic expression on a wide level. Although design has always been an interest of mine, studying A-level Textiles and the brilliant teaching of Mrs Gilbert has expanded my passion and given me confidence to take fashion to a higher level. After school, my initial goal will be to join a one-year art foundation course. From getting under the skin of the university application process for fashion and taking onboard my tutor recommendations, I see entering the world of fashion as a long game and the importance of ensuring you are dedicated. This year will give me the opportunity to continue to create on a broader level without the pressure to specify into one particular area of design, which will be integral in forming my creative identity. My goal is that this will drive me further into a degree course and an inevitable job in the industry.

The evolution of the Fashion Show since its beginning speaks hugely to the creative expansion of Blackheath High’s dedication to The Arts. It is clear that the Fashion Show is a passionate portrayal of the creative minds that our school harbours, and the artistic talents of our student body.

Written by Emily Clerkson, Year 13, Head Student Team

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