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December 13th 2023

Beautiful by design - Bologna Design & Technology Trip

In the second week of October half term, myself and 13 other students went on a Design & Technology-inspired school trip to Bologna. Whilst there we indulged in a spot of very special Italian automotive engineering and of course visited the famous factories and museums of Pagani, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Naturally the trip had to involve some appreciation of Italian food, so visits to both a parmesan factory and a gelato factory were in order. At the gelato making workshop, we tried our hand at making sorbet and then tasted some hazelnut gelato to celebrate. Miss Tsikkinis and Mr Masters helped explain the science behind the gelato and sorbet making.  

On the first day, we split off in groups and toured the city, taking many photos along the way and enjoying some gelato and amazing architecture. My favourite part of the trip would be the Pagani and Ferrari museums and factories, as I learnt about the origins of the companies and about the production process, additionally discovering that the design process is the same even though results are not; Ferrari produces many more cars than Pagani, yet the company is still so highly revered because of its quality and exclusivity.  

Go-karting was an additional fun event that the teachers decided to include, which we all greatly enjoyed, as competitive spirits ran high alongside excitement and joy. 

Written by Lisa, Year 12

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