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June 21st 2023

Year 7 investigate our very own Fantastic Places

Our Year 7's recently enjoyed a day out in Greenwich to celebrate the geography and history of our local area. The overarching theme was to investigate whether Greenwich is a 'Fantastic Place.' Throughout the day students were introduced to various geographical fieldwork techniques which included sketch mapping, questionnaires and annotating photographs.  

Local history was revealed with a visit to the Cutty Sark and a historical walk with Mr Crozier. Through storytelling, he invited the students to decide which statues throughout Greenwich were worthy of a 'Top 3.'

We were also very lucky that the trip coincided with an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum called 'The World Reimagined', comprising 36 giant globes helping us understand the transatlantic slave trade and its impact. The students will be revisiting the data they collected in class to reach a conclusion on whether Greenwich is a fantastic place or not! 

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