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May 23rd 2023

A fond farewell to Year 13

It was a heart-warming and emotional goodbye for our Year 13 leavers on Monday 15 May. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and some poignant, and at times very funny reflections from staff and students on their journey through Blackheath High School.    

Although it might feel like the end, we have so many things to look forward to once exams are over: the Sixth Form (Masquerade) Ball, which is always an outstanding event, as well as the valedictory evening in the Autumn Term, when students receive their examination certificates and well-deserved prizes. 

The Summer holidays beckon, and I know many of you will be using your time for a well-deserved break or to travel to new climes! This year group is amazing, and every student has such fantastic potential. I am so excited to hear about your next steps in the future. Good luck, Year 13 - we will miss you! 

Written by Mrs Beecham, Acting Assistant Head (Learning & Staff Development), Head of Year 13 


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