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February 8th 2023

Zada hits the red carpet at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam

Huge congratulations to Year 7 student Zada, whose first-ever acting role in A House in Jerusalem premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam at the end of January. The plot focuses on two young girls forming a bond across community divides in Jerusalem - one is a newcomer to an old house in Jerusalem; but Zada's character is a bit more eerie....  

The film’s first review in Screen Daily praised Zada for her supernatural portrayal, saying (Zada) Makhoul Farrell compels attention and sympathy as a well-dwelling waif, and strikes up a convincing amity with her flesh-and-blood counterpart." 

Our budding actress, who showed talent for acting through Junior School, was selected for the role by the film’s creators Muayad & Rami Alayan and shows massive promise in the film industry. 

Further reviews at the Festival by Davide Abbatescianni of Cineuropa describe the film as a “coming-of-age drama” in which Zada has shown a credible and accomplished performance in her dual role.  

“Writer-director Muayad Alayan’s coming-of-age drama A House in Jerusalem is certainly one of the small gems at this year’s IFF.” 


“Farrell’s performance is credible in her dual role of “house spirit” and abandoned child who has lost track of time and has no knowledge of the outside world – surely not the easiest task to accomplish for an actress of her age.” 

Following her first foray into life onscreen, Blackheath High School’s English & Drama teacher Miss Munroe spoke to Zada about her acting experience – you can watch her interview here and see some of the premiere photos and posts below. 

See Zada's IMDb webpage, stage name: Sheherazade Makhoul Farrell.
Visit the IFFR website for more information on the film.


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