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March 23rd 2023

Focus on: Wollstonecraft Speaker Series

Our Wollstonecraft Speaker Series is designed to develop students’ intellectual curiosity as well as providing an opportunity to network and ask questions. Since the start of term, we have been delighted to welcome speakers from a broad range of careers, discussing their experiences and providing the opportunity for students to network and ask questions.

September began with Joanna Hall who spoke passionately about sports science and her career in the media.

Chris Day (yes, a relation!) joined us via Zoom to share his expertise on degree apprenticeships. Having created several degree apprenticeships with AstraZeneca and Royal London, Chris was well-placed to explore the benefits (and the challenges) of a degree apprenticeship.

In October, Belwin Tawuya from the Africa Centre joined us to celebrate Black History Month. In an engaging presentation, Belwin showed us how to re-frame our understanding of Black history.

In November we were joined by GDST alumna Alexandra Mackenzie, who shared her varied and interesting career both as a City worker, working for an NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo and as Chief of Staff for the international start-up Omnipresent. We were doubly appreciative as Alex had a plane to catch to Lisbon that evening but still managed to fit us in!

Our final speaker last term was Amy Swan, who explored her route into TV production which was both insightful and engaging. We loved Amy’s video clips of The One Show and her insights into the pressurised but rewarding role of a TV producer.

Upcoming speakers for 2023 include a traumatic nerve specialist, an entrepreneur, a psychologist and a film producer. 

If you would like to volunteer as a Wollstonecraft Speaker, please email the Futures team: 


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