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December 14th 2022

Celebrating a return to the German Christmas Markets and St Nickolaustag

A return to the Christmas markets 

For the first time since the pandemic, the German Department was able to take 32 students in Years 9 – 13 to Cologne for the very welcome return of the annual tradition of visiting the Christmas markets. 

Accompanied by Mrs Turvey, Mr Green, Ms Tsikkinis and Mrs Rosado the team captured some great photo memories of the trip: outside the Angel Market at night; in the hat shop (learning about life as a milliner in 1920s Cologne); and some great group photos - outside Cologne Cathedral and looking back at the Cathedral and the City. It was great for the girls to put their linguistic skills into practice, whilst enjoying a fabulous and festive trip. 

Year 8 students celebrate the German tradition of Nickolaustag (St Nicholas Day). 

It is a Blackheath High School tradition for Year 8 students to learn about the German celebration of Nickolaustag in an authentic and exciting way. During the lesson students place their shoes outside their classroom while discovering who St Nickolaus was and the popular custom celebrated in Germany on the nights of 5-6 December. Retrieving their shoes at the end of class, they discover treats placed inside their shoes, just as would happen at schools in Germany. The Blackheath High German Department has a strong tradition of celebrating this very popular cultural event in the lead up to Christmas and we love the fact that students in later years still remember with fondness their Nickolaus lesson in Year 8!  

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