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October 11th 2022

Year 4 Netball - practice makes the perfect win

On Thursday 6 October, we took 30 Year 4 students to Bromley High School for their second netball game of the year.  

The team identified some lessons from a recent game at Sydenham High, where they won one game, but lost the other two. It became clear that they needed to focus on shooting – they were able to get and keep possession of the ball but struggled to convert shooting attempts into actual goals.  

The girls have worked very hard on their shooting skills since - both in lessons and at break and lunch times - and the practice paid off! We had an excellent victory at Bromley High last week, winning 5 out of 6 games, and the sixth ending in a draw. The girls played brilliantly, working together, defending their players and using their dodging skills to move into a space to receive the ball. Even more impressive was the performance of our shooters - in one game we won 7-0! They showed excellent perseverance, catching rebounds and trying again when they missed, and succeeded!  

Well done all. Players of the day were: Charlotte, Izzy and Bella for their excellent shooting skills and Shazia, Meera for their defending skills and Darcy for her excellent role as Centre.  

Keep it up girls! 


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