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Today we look back to the 26 March where the Year 2 girls really enjoyed learning all about the adventures of Paddington Bear. They wrote diary entries and used paint and oil pastels to create our own Paddington pictures. Great job girls! 👏


Even throughout the holidays, we are still getting some great submissions through for the showstopper challenge in . Well done Issy for this impressive looking carrot patch cake. For details on the showstopper challenge, please visit the Firefly page.


Here at Blackheath High, we are wishing you all a happy, peaceful, and fun Easter. Don't forget the chocolate! 🎉


As part of shared project within the GDST before the holidays, Year 3 learnt French vocabulary related to colours, 2D shapes and body parts to write a description of a monster. They also illustrated their writing with a fun portrait. Great job girls!


As part of a Biology practical before the Easter Holidays, Year 13 immobilised enzymes in alginate beads to study the difference in activity between free and immobilised enzyme activity at 40°C and 80°C. Find out more here:


In Mandarin, Year 10 completed a project about Chinese Bubble Tea, a popular drink in Asia. Students also had a chance to be creative and designed their perfect Bubble Tea to suit their taste with a brand name in Chinese. Amazing! 👏


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Jumping into the holidays....


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Could the U16 netball team be any more committed?!


Yesterday, GDST CEO closed our Women in Leadership event, telling our girls, “Your generation is the one that is going to change the world. You are the future leaders”. We couldn’t agree more & can’t wait to see you step out into the world on the path of your choice.


It was tough but we have chosen our winner of the cake challenge in the competition... Our winner is Issy for her incredible Choco-nilla macaron cake. Well done! 😍👏🍰


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Year 6 enjoying their hockey 🏑 interhouse competition yesterday during games. 🏆Well done team Morden who won all their games!


Thank you so much again for sharing so many inspiring insights, and all credit to Mabel for such a fantastic interview 💙


Thank you so much for being part of our event - it was amazing to hear all about your career journey 💙


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Year 2 have been busy this week! Have a look at their tie dye t-shirts!


Incredibly grateful to our Women in Leadership panellists, who shared insights on their career journeys - from acting, to journalism, running your own business and leading a school. Thank you so much, Emily Watson, 🙏


Thank you so much, Geraldine for your support. Amazing to have our Blackheath High alumnae supporting our Women in Leadership event... thank you 🙏


Very grateful to Blackheath High alumnae Ruth and Lucy from for leading an interactive workshop, "finding your values" as part of our Women in Leadership: the Entrepreneurial Edit


Incredibly proud of Mabel, Year 12, who delivered a powerful interview with on how we can learn from "failure" and how growth comes out of our comfort zone. Thank you for sharing such inspiring insights 💫


Hi - we're so sorry you didn't hear back. We're so lucky to have so many wonderful speakers talk to girls. We'll DM you.


"It is the most amazing time to be a young woman". We couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for such an inspiring and uplifting talk


Thrilled to be listening to such an inspiring talk from our Keynote Speaker, "Dream the biggest dreams possible and be your own advocate. If there's somebody that lights-up your spirit, listen to them" 💫


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This is going to be such a great event ! Ending term on a high!


We're so excited about today's Women in Leadership event. We're incredibly grateful to our amazing speakers, sharing insights on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and inspiring our students.


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This afternoon, Year 8 took part in the 'Design Thinking Challenge' made up of four, fast-paced tasks that girls completed in groups. It was a challenging and entertaining afternoon for the girls, working together with


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Y8 geographers collaborate with 3 other schools for a detective afternoon Maps, puzzles & an challenge


Amazing 👏👏👏


As part of tomorrow's Women in Leadership event, Mabel, Yr 12 has turned the podcast tables and interviewed Their conversation includes inspiring insights on how 'failure' shapes us and how "there is no such thing as failure". We can't wait...


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with their certificates for their fantastic work on Mars Rovers during GHL. I got one too because who doesn't want a certificate from NASA.


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Year 4 house fun at the field this morning!


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Year 5 are loving listening to Wildspark! Prue is such a great role model for girls.


We're nearing the end of our competition, so let's end it in the best way possible, with the showstopper challenge! You can find inspiration and details on our FireFly page, good luck girls and get baking. 🍰👏🎉


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From Shakespeare's Globe to the Royal Institution, cross-Trust partnerships have continued to thrive during lockdown! And our schools remain to be places


We can’t wait 💫


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This echoes some of the sentiments so fluently expressed by two of our sixth form in assembly last week -


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Yr 7 working on our interceptions today 🙌🏻


We’re so excited to host as our Keynote Speaker at our Women in Leadership event. This Thursday, our Sixth Form, Yr 10 & Yr 11 will take part in an afternoon of inspiration, exploration & live workshops, learning about entrepreneurial skills and mindset.


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The U12 netballers have been so committed to training. They’re really working on how dynamic they are and speedy ball handling skills sunshine helps too ☀️


As part of the cake challenge for our competition, Orla cooked up a delicious looking pineapple upside down cake. Well done Orla! 🍰😍😍


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The U13 hockey teams had such a great hockey training these students know how to work hard!!! The sunshine capped off a great afternoon of sport!


Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs C Chandler-Thompson, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE  
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs C Maddison BA Staffordshire, MSc, Leicester; PGCE
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr S Henderson, BMus (Hons) London, PGCE
Deputy Head (Learning, Enrichment and Student progress)   Mrs N Argile, BSc Newcastle; MSc; PGCE 
Director of Finance and Operations  Mr R Ryan, AAT, DSBM

Junior School Leadership Team

Head of Junior School Mrs S Skevington, LLB (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE, EYP
Deputy Head of Junior School  Mrs M Gilfedder-Bonnar, LLB (Hons) Strathclyde; BSc (Honours) Psychology; PGCE 
Assistant Head of Junior School  Ms S Daly, BEd (Hons) Greenwich 
Head of Key Stage 1  Mrs N Roberts, MEd, Belfast, MA (Hons); PGCE
Head of EYFS Miss L Riordan, BA Hons University College Worcester
Year 3 and 4 phase leader Miss A Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam

Senior School Teaching

Design Technology Department

Mr T Masters, BA (Hons), Dip Arch (Hons) Architecture; PGCE Goldsmiths Head of Design Technology

Mrs M Aspden, BA (Hons) London;  PGCE  


Art Department

Mr D Branch, BA (Hons) Middlesex; PGCE   Head of Art 
Mrs I Gilbert, BA St Martins, London; PGCE  Art

English Faculty 

Ms A Chandler, MA, BA (Hons) Cambridge, MA London; QTS Head of English Faculty
Mrs C Beecham, BA (Hons) Brunel, MA Goldsmiths; PGCE English and Head of Year 13
Miss H Owen-Frawley, BA (Hons) Bristol; PGCE English
Miss N Rivers, BA (Hons) Brighton, PGCE English

Humanities Faculty

Mr M Connolly, BA (Hons) Nottingham, PGCE Head of History and Politics
Mr I Gerrard, BA Bangor; PGCE History
Mr B Crozier, BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE    History/Extended Project Qualification and Teacher in charge of Debating
Mr S Barnett, BA (Hons), Lancaster, MA Lancaster; PGCE Head of Religious Studies
Ms M Rehman, BA Hons) Birmingham, PGCE Religious Studies & Head of Year 8, Teacher i/c Peer Mentoring 
Mr M Sodhi, BA (Hons) London, PGCE  Head of Economics & Business Studies/Head of Year 12 
Miss S Williams, MA Cantab (Cambridge); PGCE Head of Classics
Mrs M Ryan, BA London  Latin 
Mrs L Stevens, BSc Plymouth; PGCE  Head of Geography and Educational Visits Co-ordinator 
Miss K Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE

Geography, Head of House, Charities & Community, Acting Head of Year 10

Ms R Sivyer, MSc, BA (Hons) London; PGCE Head of Psychology

Maths Faculty 

Mr S Tarr, MEng (Hons) Nottingham, PGCE Head of Maths Faculty
Ms W Short, MA Sussex, BSc Bath; PGCE Maths 
Mrs G Silvestros, BSc (Hons) Exeter; PGCE Maths
I Saumtally, BSc (Hons) York, PGCE Maths
Miss A Varathanathan, BSc (Hons) Open University; BEng (Hons) Manchester; PGCE Maths
Miss H Dickinson, BSc (Hons)Loughborough; PGCE Head of Computer Science
Mr D Nott, BSc, Reading  Director of IT and Teacher of Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs A Bass, Universite.F.Rabelais, PGCE Head of MFL 
Mrs S Milne, BA (Hons) Exeter, PGCE

French and Spanish

Mrs N Rosado, BA Spain; PGCE

Head of Spanish 

Mrs A Turvey, BA (Hons), Bangor; MA, QTS  Head of German

Miss E Wood, PGCE; Greenwich

Mrs T Chung, BA Canterbury; DipEd, TESOL Head of Mandarin 

Performing Arts Faculty 

Ms J Nicholls, BA Sussex; PGCE  Head of Drama and Head of Year 7 
Ms C Day, BMus, University of London; MA RADA; PGCE Head of Futures, Drama teacher
Mrs E Gunton, BMus (Hons), Royal College of Music, dipABRSM; QTS  Head of Co-Curricular & Outreach/Director of Music
Miss F Leo, BMus (Hons) Royal Academy of Music, London, MA Music Teacher

Physical Education Department 

Miss H Morrell, BSc (Hons) Brunel Director of Sport
Miss S Harris, BA (Hons) Brighton PE and Head of Year 11
Mrs L Brooks, BSc St Mary's; PGCE PE and Head of Year 9
Miss V May, BA (Hons), Liverpool PE
Miss E Willet, BSc Southampton, PGCE PE
Miss S Woosey, BA (Hons) Leeds, PGCE (Maternity Leave) PE and Head of Year 10

Science Faculty

Dr A Mustafa, BSc Cantab. PhD Cantab; PGCE Head of Science Faculty
Mr D Laber, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Biology
Mrs A Bijnens, MSc Belgium Biology
Miss M Tsikkinis, BSc Bristol, PGCE Head of Physics
Miss S Tadrosm BSc Bristol; PGCE Physics
Mrs R Richards, BSc (Hons) Teeside; PGCE Physics

Junior School Teaching


Mrs S Brown, BA (Hons) Durham, PGCE

Mrs A Waite, BA Greenwich, BSc London; PGCE


Miss L Riordan, BA (Hons) University College Worcester

Miss E Boylan, BA (Hons) Bristol

Year 1

Mrs N Roberts, MEd Belfast, MA (Hons); PGCE

Miss S Dowler, BA (Hons) Sheffield, PGCE

Miss C Bolton, MA (Hons) Glasgow, PGCE

Year 2 

Mrs H Cannell, BA (Hons) Hull, PGCE

Miss A Robertson, BA (Hons) Leeds, PGCE

Year 3 

Miss R Coles, MA Cantab, GTP

Miss A Lucas, BA (Hons) Sheffield Hallam

Year 4

Ms P Griffiths BA (Hons) Greenwich

Mr N Mostert, Higher Dip in Education, South Africa

Year 5

Ms S Daly, BEd (Hons) Greenwich 

Mrs D Karakosta, BA South Africa

Year 6

Mrs L Nolan, BSc Hull; PGCE

Mrs S Burt, BSc, Bristol; PGCE


Ms A Hamburger, BA (Hons) Camberwell

Junior Teacher

Mrs D Karakosta, BA South Africa


Mrs A Wehner-Moriseau, PGCE Canterbury Maitrise in English Literature and Civilisation, Universite Francois Rabelais


Mrs J Sharma, BA (Hons) Leeds

Head of Music

Mrs R Coles MA Cantab, GTP

Head of Junior PE

Miss S Carter, BSc (Hons) Oxford Brookes, PGCE

Teaching Assistants



Mrs. N Aitken, NCFE Cache Level 3, Supporting Teaching & Learning
Miss. L Dwyer, Advanced Level Apprenticeship in the Children and Young People’s Workforce: Early Years Educator 
Mrs. L Reis NVQ Level 2 Childhood Education, NVQ Level 3 TA 
Mrs. R Matharu BSc, Level 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs. J Cornwell NNEB Forest School Leader Foundation degree Early Years; BA (Hons) Early Years 

Mrs. J Truman, Foundation Degree in Early Years Education

Year 1 

Mrs. L Maloney NNEB

Mrs. M Nance BTEC National Certificate

Mrs. A Shelley, NVQ Level 3

Year 2 

Mrs. E Morris NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Early Years and Education 

Ms. T Smith, BA Greenwich

Year 3

Miss M Crampton

Year 4

Miss I Shevalova BA Ukraine

Year 5/6 

Mrs D Galbraith, BTEC in Childhood Studies

Junior School Support Staff

junior school administrator

Mrs M Coles 

Administrative Assistants 

Ms S McCully

Mrs L Scrace

Mrs J Welsh


Miss N Douglas

IT Technician

Mr R Wraight

After School Care Supervisor 

Ms L Reis

After School Care Assistants 

Ms A Morris

Mrs E Cockings

Ms I Shevalova

Mrs K Sembhi

Ms R Changizi

Mrs P Dedman

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P Dedman

Mrs E Cockings

School Nurse

Mrs M Anto, BSc, Diploma of Higher Education in Children's Nursing

Senior School Support Staff

PA to Head and Office Manager

Mrs K Cotton 

Site Network Manager 

Mr K Arrowsmith, BA Christ Church, Canterbury

Marketing Director

Ms A Fuell, BA (Hons) Liverpool

Marketing Design and Communications Officer

Mrs S Torpey, BA (Hons) Falmouth

Alumnae Development & Marketing Events Officer 

Ms S MacLeod, BA (Hons) Hull (Maternity Leave)

Miss A Tarling, BA Birmingham, MSc

Finance Officer

Miss L Smith

Finance Assistant

Mrs A Lartey

Data and Senior Timetable Officer  

Miss M Wheeler

Admissions Officer 

Mrs F Nichols, BA London 

exams officer 

Mrs A Allen 

IT Technician

Mr L Amber

Resources Centre Manager

Mrs D Glazebrook, BSc (Hons), Northumbria

SENCO and Learning Support Teacher

Mrs B Fitzpatrick, BEd (Hons), HDip and MA 

office Administrative Assistant   

Mrs A Taber 

Human Resources Assistant 

Mrs S Read 


Miss S Rowland (Afternoon)

School Nurse 

Mrs M Anto, BSc, Diploma of Higher Education in Children's Nursing

School Counsellor 

Mrs F Taylor, BACP

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Tatzel

Laboratory Technicians 

Mrs A Birkett, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Ms W Cheng, MSc, BSC (Hons)

DT Technician

Miss J Spence, BA London

Art Technician

Miss I Copley, BA London

Language Assistants 

Ms H Simsolo

Ms I Ludzik

Mrs K Tatzel

Facilities Manager

Mr A Merryweather

Enterprise Caretaker 

Mr T Cole 


Mr S Meredith (also Mini Bus Driver)

Mr J Roue

Mr T Cole 

Mr F Greaves

Mr P Brown

Mini Bus Drivers

Mr R Eyers (supply caretaker and mini bus driver)

Mr R Cooke

Mini Bus Supervisors

Mrs A Conway)

Mrs E Cockings

Visiting LAMDA Coaches 

Miss K Wilton

Miss N Elliott, MMus Goldsmiths

School Governing Board

To find out more about our Governors, please visit the Governors section.  

Mr D Atterbury-Thomas Chairman

Mrs J Eastaugh

Ms J Fenner

Ms R Hafez

Dr S Humayun

Mrs K James

Mrs E Little

Ms R Russell


Visiting Music Staff at Senior School

Oboe and piano

Miss H Barker, BMus (Hons), PG Dip

Clarinet, Saxophone and flute

Mr L Hignell, BMus, GGSM

Electric and Acoustic Guitar 

Mr N Luckett, LGSM 


Mrs K Blonz, MMus, PG Dip 


Ms M Obejera, BMus

Ms R Bouwmeester, PG Dip

Violin and Viola 

Mr A Dennant, BA (Hons)


Ms N Wydenbach, BA (Hons), BMus, GradDip (RCM) 

Mrs J Riley BA (Hons), PG Dip (RAM), LRAM

Singing, piano & Theory

Miss G Carter, BMus (Hons), PGdip


Miss A Atty, BMus (Hons), PGCE


Mrs J Kemp, BMus (Hons)

Cello and Double Bass  

Miss A Jones, BA Music, MMus (Perf)


Mr C Deacon, BMus (Perf), LRAM, ARAM

Visiting Music Staff at Junior School


Miss L Parker, BMus

Violin & Viola

Miss E Laurie BMus (Hons)

Ms A Ruscoe, BMus


Ms H Chapman, BMus, PG Dip


Ms M Obejera, BMus

Miss K Ewins, GRSM, LRAM, LTCL

Miss L Da Silva, BMus, LRAM

Miss G Mo, MMus, BMus

Mr W Butterworth

Clarinet and Saxophone

Miss K Ewins, GRSM, LRAM, LTCL


Ms M Pinho da Silva Ramos, BMus, MMus 


Ms M Pinho da Silva Ramos, BMus, MMus 


Mr D Black, MMus, BMus


Ms A Whyte, BA (Hons), PG Dip, Advanced Dip


Ms M Zahra, MMus, BMus (Hons), LLCM


Mr C Deacon, BMus (Perf), LRAM, ARAM