• Junior ECA Workshops


Workshops are an exciting part of the school calendar and every year group benefits from a variety of activities, often but not always, linked to Humanities topics. The younger children enjoy having two, four and even eight legged visitors to see and touch if they wish. Older girls have Roman, Egyptian, or Tudor days, often involving dressing up, art and music. Workshops on Challenge in Mathematics, Architecture, Design and Technology are all part of the school calendar.  The Art and DT room, science room and drama studio together with the recently refurbished hall and Theatre/Gymnasium provide all the space needed for active and exciting workshops.

Recently the children in the Nursery and Reception classes took part in Danny Staples workshop “Music around the World” and also a "Wild, Wild West" and an "Under the Sea" drama workshop.  They are looking forward to being Pirates next term. The 'Mathemagician' is a regular visitor and is always  able to amaze and entertain each class in the school.

In the upper Juniors, poets, playwrights  and authors, some of whom are parents of our own girls, come regularly to school to give the girls a different perspective on learning.  We are looking forward to an Opera workshop where the girls will work on a poem with opera specialists and collaboratively develop it into a musical piece.