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It's been a sunny, fun and busy morning so far! The girls are having a well earned lunch break before we head out f…


Ditches, fossils and Eco club - find out more in our 60s interview with Laboratory Technician, Mrs Birkett:…


A record-breaking year for Blackheath High School:


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39% A and A* for our Year 13s and a great range of courses this year, from Theoretical Physics to Middle Eastern St…


Another great result - 88% A/A* in Extended Project Qualification AS-level


Brilliant result from our hard working English Literature students - well done!


75% of our university applicants have secured places universities - well done girls!


A good year for our scholars including Lexey (pictured right), off to read French & Russian


Well done to all our girls, we're very proud of you!


Our linguists proudly bucking the national trend for decline in modern language study


Congratulations Nadia with an A* and two As - amazing achievement!


Big well done to Ella with an A* & two As, off to read Middle Eastern Studies !


Congratulations Maya with a jaw dropping four A*s!


They're here and we have our fingers crossed for you all!


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Look what happens when Florence dog bumps into old friends in


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Dropped into camp. Very happy girls having a break after full on morning…


"Traditionally, Science is not seen as a girl’s subject but we're proud to be bucking that trend". Read more:…


Mini beasts, sticks & mud pies? Our Nursery Nurse & Forest School Leader on the joys of learning:…


"Your mind is a palace". Our Head, Mrs Chandler-Thompson speaks about the mind, our one true constant:…


"Always follow your heart and chase your dreams". Lyra, Year 6, recounts her mum's words of wisdom:…


She was born over 250 years ago but there’s still something about Mary Wollstonecraft & her legacy lives on with us…


It's not all psychoanalysis and mind reading. We put the Spotlight firmly on the subject of Psychology:…


What does our Deputy Head of Junior School really think about teaching? Mrs Gilfedder-Bonnar tells all in 60s:…


Algorithms, boomerangs and custard for Maths? Hannah, Year 9 tells us more:


It was Midsummer Madness in the build up to this year’s Equinox. Ashvini, Year 8, tells us more!…


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Girls due home first thing tomorrow after a wonderful experience in Tanzania Thanks fo…


Get to know our teachers in our series of 60s interviews. First up, our Year 2 Teacher & Junior School Librarian:…


A touching moment as our girls visiting Tanzania prepare to say goodbye by hanging words of wisdom & memories with…


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How wonderful - she has inspired A level students of ours over the years with her amazing work - we look forward to…


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. we are so proud of you all. Keep on making a difference for women in the world.


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Latest pics from - star-gazing, stove building and birthday celebrations…


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Music is never boring


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Overseas Project-connect your girls with the of a lifetime!See more here: 🌍👭


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Safari day today for memories


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BBC Radio 4 - Bringing Up Britain, Series 10, How to Help Children to Feel Happy


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Great pics of our - brilliant project


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Good work Maddie ! Stove building in Babati - but if a change from cupcakes


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In the last few days of term raised £320 for Well done Mira and all who contributed


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Team Tanzania have been laying a concrete floor, making raised beds and sharing experiences today


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“Gender equity starts with education.” -

What makes us distinctive

What makes us distinctive?

Blackheath High School is a unique and historic school. While this is best appreciated through a visit, there are several distinctive features to highlight.

Click here to read our Mission Statement.

Putting girls first

Blackheath High has been educating girls since 1880. Put simply, we are specialists in what we do.

This is a school where we encourage students to ignore gender stereotypes. Girls relish ballet, football, science or art with equal passion. We place strong emphasis on positive female role models. We focus on cultivating girls’ courage and we have a wealth of experience in building intellectual agility and emotional resilience. This means we are well known for the poised and impressive nature of our graduates.


Our teachers are subject experts, with a passion for teaching our students. They embrace innovation and creativity in their teaching.

They make the most of our small class sizes and vibrant atmosphere to engage their students. Whatever the changes in education reform, the priority at Blackheath High is to inspire students to think big and love learning. This is a school where there is no ceiling to what girls can achieve.


At Blackheath High we are passionate about co-curricular activities and academic enrichment.

We know they provide girls with valuable soft-skills: dedication; teamwork; persistence. They also create a healthy balanced approach girls can take with them when they leave us. We offer a mind-boggling array of clubs, societies and enrichment activities that the girls absolutely love. Whether it is Martial Arts in Mandarin or the cut and thrust of debating in Model United Nations; girls are spoilt for choice of activities.


Blackheath High is well known for the warmth and diversity of its community and the quality of relationships between teachers, students and parents.

Unusually amongst London schools, we have a close-knit community with a village feel. Strong bonds are established across ages, nationalities and social boundaries, creating an atmosphere that is compassionate, supportive and open-minded. We value the part we play in local life. The school has links with a number of charities and volunteer groups, such as the SHINE programme, in which staff and students devote their Saturday mornings to supporting girls and boys from local primary schools.

Click here to visit our ‘Outreach’ page.

An international outlook

We are incredibly fortunate to be located in a cosmopolitan and stunning corner of South East London.

Situated on the edge of beautiful Blackheath and the picturesque Greenwich Park, we benefit from the international influences of the local area. Our curriculum and approach are focused upon cultivating this international outlook. We celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures and perspectives within and outside the school.