• junior Maths


At Blackheath High Junior School, we aim to:

  • Develop, maintain and stimulate students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in mathematics.
  • Develop students' familiarity with appropriate mathematical concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary.
  • Develop students' understanding of mathematics in its widest context and to see how it relates to themselves outside school.
  • Encourage students to develop personal qualities such as perseverance, initiative, empathy, self confidence and independence.
  • Enable all students to have equal access to mathematics and to experience success in their work.
  • Encourage students to develop transferable skills and informed opinions about their mathematics and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments.

Mathematics as a core subject is taught daily, the National Numeracy Strategy forms the basis for the Mathematics schemes of work throughout the school.  The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are set out in four attainment targets:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Number and algebra
  • Shape, space and Measures
  • Handling data.

All students are assessed regularly throughout the year to monitor their progress.  Their assessment levels are based on the national attainment levels.  In Year 6 students booster classes are available after school to offer students an opportunity to enhance their skills further in preparation for examinations in the summer. 

Students enjoy getting involved in extra-curricular activities such as external maths challenges and practical workshops where they are tested on their mental arithmetic and problem solving skills. 

In the lower key stages emphasis is on practical based activities to form a solid foundation of mathematical concepts.  ICT Computer based resources are used extensively throughout the school to engage and stimulate learning.  In Key Stage 2 students continue to develop upon their knowledge but there is more emphasis on written calculations.  When students get to Year 6 a vast majority begin to study topics beyond the primary curriculum.  

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