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History and Geography are taught under the umbrella of Humanities.  Knowledge and key skills are learnt through varied and exciting topics and where possible work is linked to other curriculum areas.  We follow the requirements of the National curriculum in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 follow the Creative Curriculum .

At the heart of the switch from teaching History and Geography as two distinct subjects was the desire to move towards a more creative and cross-curricular timetable. To give just one example: in Year 5 the girls learn about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  This means that they learn about the Victorian period and Brunel’s contribution to the industrial revolution.  They also learn about rivers, studying their formation and the effects and causes of flooding; bringing in skills such as mapping, using Ordnance Survey Maps, understanding geographical vocabulary, learning about the future development of rivers and managing and improving environments.

By moving to the teaching of a combined Humanities lesson, we have been able to introduce some very exciting topics to our scheme of work.  For example, in Year 3, the children will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians and modern day Egypt.  In Year 6 the girls will be exploring history since 1930, learning about the regeneration of cities (comparing London and another contrasting locality) as well as learning geographical skills such as orienteering and mapping.

The girls visit places of interest and museums in and around London to get a real idea of past times and places.  We also arrange lively interactive workshops, for example, Year 2 explore the colours and sounds of Africa while Year 3 enjoy a day of Roman activities.