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Welcome to the Junior School

"Our ethos encompasses so much more than academic excellence.  We live in challenging times and we want to equip ourSarah Skevington HS 2 girls with qualities to deal with life's inevitable downs as well as ups.  We want independent and resilient learners, confident and secure enough to try and bounce back, if success is not immediate.  Our teachers create a caring, supportive environment in which these qualities are fostered, within a curriculum which makes school an exciting place to be." 

"Pupils' achievement in their work and activities is excellent throughout the school, and they are well educated, fully in line with the school's aim to promote academic excellence. At all stages, the pupils' personal development is excellent; their spiritual development is excellent, and this fully reflects the school's aim to develop the whole person by building self-esteem and confidence."

The Junior School nurtures girls in their most formative years, introducing children of three to the social aspects of mixing with other children and the beginnings of reading, writing and understanding number. By the time they leave the Juniors to transfer to the Senior School, the foundations have been laid for independent study, an understanding of the world of today and their role within it and the ability to problem solve. The Junior school girl has an enquiring mind and a motivation to succeed within the context of caring for and respecting others.

Although the school is always full of activity, the atmosphere is calm, caring and conducive to learning, with a respectful rapport between pupils and staff. Teaching combines traditional methods with the use of new communication technology and facilities. The teaching is conducted at a pace that maintains the interest and motivation of each girl. From the outset each one is stimulated and encouraged to explore a range of activities, which help to develop confidence and skill.

Clubs and societies flourish and staff enthusiastically involve their pupils in many supervised activities at lunchtime and after school. Pastoral care is given high priority and pupils are looked after and supported by teachers in all aspects of school life. There is always time to listen, time to talk, time to help. Homework is given to all pupils and parents are encouraged to take an active part in their daughter’s learning.

The Junior School has its own premises, its own identity and its own head, who is directly responsible to the headmistress. However, it is still very much part of the whole school and shares its traditions and ethos.

To ensure continuity of education, Junior School girls transfer to the Senior School without having to sit the 11+ entrance exam for external candidates, however, most chose to sit the exam as they enjoy the challenge! 

Please see the downloads at the bottom of this page for details about our Junior School uniform.




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Prospectus Junior School Download
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FAQs for entry into Junior School 229 KB Download
2016 Entrance Guidance for Blackheath High School Juniors Download
Application Form for Junior School entry Download
GDST Introduction booklet 877 KB Download
GDST Juniors first steps booklet 749 KB Download
Junior School Uniform List September 2016 Download
Certificates 8 February 2017 Download
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Stars 7 February 2017 Download
Stars of the week 21 February 2017 Download