Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our aim at Blackheath High School is to promote each pupil’s personal, vocational and academic development. We believe that people work better when they are well cared for and our staff always make time for their pupils.

A well-developed system of pastoral care is in place, which aims to:

  • provide effective support, advice and guidance for all pupils,
  • monitor their academic progress and personal development
  • ensure that measures are in place to promote good behaviour and a positive learning environment

"The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent.  Organised pastoral structures and staff commitment to pupils’ welfare ensure that excellent support and guidance are given to pupils of all ages, in accordance with the school’s aims.  Relationships between class teachers and pupils are excellent, ensuring a supportive environment."  ISI 

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we understand the vital importance of ensuring our girls are happy, comfortable and settled within our school. Even before a child joins our Nursery, one of our Nursery team will visit her at home or in her pre-school setting to ensure the start of her journey with us is as smooth as possible.

Every child has a Key Person who keeps a special watch on them, particularly useful during the first few days in a new environment.

We pride ourselves on the warmth and caring nature of our relationships with our girls. When issues arise, they are dealt with sensitively and immediately through discussion and circle time. We value the role of parents; sharing concerns with them at the earliest stage and working with them to resolve any difficulties.

From time to time  a child may need a little extra support in school for a variety of reasons from the tragedy of a family bereavement to the loss of a pet. Whatever the scale of the event, we make sure that all of the staff working within our department are aware and are ready to give that little extra time where necessary.