IMG_1754“I had a really fantastic time at school, I made many friends for life and had some phenomenal teachers. I recall the continual laughter and high spirits…”

Blackheath High School has a thriving Old Girls' Association which offers the fantastic opportunity of keeping in touch and networking with school alumnae.

The OGA hopes that current pupils will be encouraged by parents and staff to participate in our activities when they leave BHS and, when the time comes, that they will renew the free 5 year membership that is given to all leavers. When girls have moved on from Blackheath High School, we are sure that they will want to maintain the connection with the school, and we hope that the OGA website and its Facebook page will offer more ways to do this. 

OGA Events

OGA events regularly take place at both school sites with the AGM and Reunion Lunch at Wemyss Road and our biennial Pimms Party at Vanbrugh Park.

AGM and Reunion - Saturday 7th November 2015.

This date is a departure from the usual September/October dates, due to other commitments by both Committee Members and the School, and also avoiding the tail-end of summer holidays, half term and Christmas. By changing the date to November, we hope to see even more BHS alumnae attending.

The annual reunion at the Wemyss Road site is always popular. Year groups often get a table together to catch up on news and reminisce about old times. Past members of staff also often support the event. The current Headteacher, who is President of the Association and Head of the school, presents an update on what is happening at the school at the AGM, and there is often a chance to tour the school and see how things have changed.

"Great! Lovely to see so many old faces and have a chance to look around the school"

Summer Pimms Party: July 2014

Pimms Party - 2A lovely evening to celebrate 20 years since the move to Vanbrugh Park and another chance for the BHSOGA to catch up with alumnae. The Pimms flowed, as past and present pupils, staff and parents gathered to reminisce and catch up on life. Tours of the school were organised by Ms Elliott, and led by girls in the current sixth form.

Pimms Party -1Mrs Laws gave a presentation on the plans for the future school and the Association had the opportunity to thank her for all her support over the years and wish her well in her retirement. Jane Allerton presented Mrs Laws with a wintery scene of Blackheath to remind her that the school never closed in the snow! All agreed this was a great event that should definitely feature again in the calendar in the near future.

A review of the previous 'Pimms Party' in July 2012, attended by over 100 BHS alumnae, can be downloaded at the foot of this page.

The BHSOGA's website (http://www.bhsoga.org.uk) facilitates communication between the membership. We are also keen to develop a group for younger members of the association; please contact the OGA by email sarahpayne75@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to join this group.

As a member, in addition to being able to keep in touch with old school girls, you will receive a copy of the annual newsletter, have access to the password protected BHSOGA website and have discounted rates to OGA events. Once you leave the school, you have five years free membership. It is then £10 for 4 years. A reunion lunch ticket includes a charge to cover the cost of a one-year membership.

If you would like to get in touch with the BHSOGA for more information, please contact: Sarah Soulsby (nee Payne) by email on sarahpayne75@yahoo.co.uk or write to the BHSOGA c/o Wemyss Road, Blackheath, London SE3 0TF.

To link to the BHSOGA's own website click here

Please click here or download below a PowerPoint presentation from BHSOGA.

For further information about the OGA, please contact Sarah Soulsby: sarahpayne75@yahoo.co.uk


President:  Mrs C. Chandler-Thompson
Vice Presidents:

Mrs H. Williams

Miss R. Musgrave

Mrs L. Laws

Chairman:  Jane Allerton (nee Slater)
Vice Chairman:  Sarah Soulsby (nee Payne)
Treasurer:  Janet Backer
Membership Secretary: Sheila Connell
Minutes Secretary: Geraldine Linley (nee Taylor)
Correspondence Secretary: Despina Castle
Social Secretaries: Marilyn Ballisat (nee Alister) and Diana Retsas (nee Rees)
Website Co-ordinators: Sarah Soulsby (nee Payne) and Geraldine Linley (nee Taylor)
Archivist: Margaret Taylor
Newsletter Editor:  Despina Castle













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