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Maths Morning for Years 7 and 5

Friday, 3rd of February 2017

On Thursday 19th January Blackheath High Seniors and Juniors, John Ball, Brindishe Lee, St Olaves, Brindishe Manor and Brindishe Green gathered together in the Sports Hall for a morning of challenging maths questions.

The seven schools teamed up into 24 random groups. The first round consisted of 'guess the number' questions where each participant received a card with a clue to the mystery number. The groups had to combine their clues to come up with the answer. The next round was tougher; a series of challenging puzzles put the pupils’ minds into overdrive. The questions were very hard but most groups managed to find the answer, with one group only getting one wrong! 

The next round was mind thirsty work as we were given a set of instructions on how to layout the zoo. But, these were no ordinary instructions; the lion could not be with the chimpanzee, no cats could be near each other and the parrot had to be able to see the entrance.

Some final sheets of challenging questions completed the morning, and then the teams found out THE RESULT! The delighted winners posed for photos with their tasty chocolates. But, of course, everyone did brilliantly and we all received a lolly.

Well done to everyone who took part in a morning of mind-boggling maths!

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on Fri, 3rd February 2017

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