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Chinese New Year Assembly

Friday, 3rd of February 2017

The children of Year 7 Mandarin planned and produced their own Chinese New Year Assembly and it was one of a kind.  The children had all sorts of different ideas; from The Chinese Zodiac, to Chinese Fashion, a New Year General Knowledge Quiz, a PowerPoint on Modern China, and a play called The Sun Palace.

They kicked off the assembly with a fantastic Chinese New Year Song, to the tune of ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’. Then, they quickly proceeded with a Traditional versus Modern Chinese New Year PowerPoint.  It was incredibly interesting and everyone learnt a lot about the Zodiac, including how the cat was in the race but not in the actual Zodiac and that this year is the Year of the Rooster.

Next, was a brilliant catwalk and presentation, performed by Ife and Raya. They were both wearing traditional Chinese dresses, lent to them by Mrs Chung. They gave a wonderful presentation on both Traditional and Modern Chinese fashion.

Right before the play was the amazing quiz on the assembly. There were lots of different questions that really engaged the audience, and Zara even gave out Fortune Cookies to the people who gave correct answers.

Then came the legendary play, The Sun Palace, starring Ruby and Billie, the narrators, Rachael as Chen, Lois J as the Widow, Breanna as the Old Lady, and Lois K as Lien, the fairy lady. It was fantastic, and all of the audience loved it!

Overall, the assembly went according to plan and everyone, the audience and people involved in the assembly, had a brilliant time!

Thank you for reading this edition.

Hannah 7S and Ruby 7B

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on Fri, 3rd February 2017

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