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Wollstonecraft Lecture - Women in the Army

Friday, 3rd of February 2017

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by two women from the Army who talked to us about careers. One worked in recruitment from an external firm, whilst the other was serving in the Army. We all enjoyed having someone come in to talk to us about a career path that very few of us had ever considered, and with the talk being geared at the Sixth Form, when many of us are applying to university, the timing of the talk was perfect.

They spoke about the opportunities to have your degree funded by the military, particularly for girls going into medicine, and even some engineering courses, which appealed to many of us. What struck me was the diversity of positions available in the Army beyond combative roles, they were looking for recruits with managerial, technical and even language skills. I think many of us were drawn to the prospect of travel, which they spoke about, from bases in Cyprus, to being able to travel around the world helping those in need. The questions were particularly revealing, with girls asking how former soldiers integrate into civilian life. As well as this, people were shocked by the number of countries where the British Army are present, sparking debates long after the talk about the role of the Army and their right, versus their duty, to intervene. Ultimately, it was a fascinating talk inspiring us to think about a different career that most of us had never previously given any consideration to.

ead Girl

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on Fri, 3rd February 2017

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