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Great pics of our - brilliant project


Retweeted From Carol Chandler-Thomp

Good work Maddie ! Stove building in Babati - but if a change from cupcakes


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In the last few days of term raised £320 for Well done Mira and all who contributed


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Team Tanzania have been laying a concrete floor, making raised beds and sharing experiences today


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“Gender equity starts with education.” -


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There's science category for awards. Know a young (U35) remarkable female scientist? Nominate them!


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Fabulous film making at our festival. Congratulations and thank you from everyone to the amazing team…


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Proud to be working with you Livingstone Tanzania Trust


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"Telling stories, we realised how similar we are even though we lived the other side of the world"


Retweeted From Sarah Skevington

Thank you perfect image of girls. Missing them already!


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Team Tanzania are settling in Babati and met their friends yesterday .


Retweeted From Carol Chandler-Thomp

Team Tanzania are safely arrived in Babati and meeting new friends


Parents - check out our Senior end of term movie on Firefly. Have a great summer!


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Watch the time-lapse video of our redevelopment so far ...


girls had an amazing time!


Great to hear that our girls have reached safely.


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Bye bye Year 6s- it all got a bit emotional! We'll miss you all x


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Fab final whole school assembly with some awesome performances and the obligatory school song 🎼 - ha…


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Nadya singing in front of 750 strong audience


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Film Club in action. Great screening this morning. Parents can watch on Firefly.


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raised £543 through Film Night and Mufti for women…


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Love the confidence and style of our rockband -this pic was too good not to tweet


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Awesome send off from rock band


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Great round up of a fabulous summer term - topped off by fab rock band! Well done girls


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Great year celebrated for year 7 and 8. - thanks Dr Shade Henry for some top tips- sometimes the cookie 🍪 isn't wor…


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Delicious afternoon tea for our year 7 and 8 prizegiving - thanks Marcin and team


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Fab Yr 6s explained power of "not yet" to disappointed Yr 4 Chamber Choir applicants -so true…


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More lovely parents helping Yr 1s to make ice cream


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First 3D face scan and 3D print for a end of year finale! Thanks to BSHA for the kit! Excited f…


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Year 7 and 8 prizegiving - ready to start!


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Erupting some rather stellar volcanoes with 8S


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Such a thoughtful gift from this lovely Year 6 girl. One of my favourite WW2 posters and I now have the key ring to…


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The Nursery girls harvested a bumper crop of BHSA carrots and strawberries this morning.


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a privilege to be part of the school community - thanks for giving us the chance to sing together.


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Mrs Brown went dance crazy at the end of assembly !


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dance assembly


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Such an honour to sing at your concert!I'm so impressed with the standard…


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Read about our own Miss Newton :Young England team relishing NZ opportunity


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Wonderfully & concert from girls this evening! Such a lot of , & 🎼🥁🎹🎻🎺


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Heading out to Tanzania tomorrow for a fab project!


Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs C Chandler-Thompson BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE  
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs C Maddison BA Staffordshire, MSc, Leicester; PGCE
Deputy Head (Academic) Miss P Dunn MA Oxford; PGCE
Assistant Head (Co-curricular and Enrichment) Mrs C Pheiffer BA London; QTS
Assistant Head (Organisation and Communication)   Mrs N Argile BSc Newcastle; MSc; PGCE 
Director of Finance and Operations  Mr R Ryan



Junior School Leadership Team

Head of Junior School    Mrs S Skevington LLB (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE, EYP
Deputy Head of Junior School  Mrs M Gilfedder-Bonnar LLB (Hons) Strathclyde; BSc (Honours) Psychology; PGCE
Assistant Head and Head of Key Stage 2  Ms S Daly BEd Greenwich
Head of Key Stage 1  Mrs N Roberts MEd, Belfast, MA (Hons); PGCE
Head of EYFS Ms S Eastaugh BEd Greenwich
Teacher ic Nursery Mrs H Cannell BA Hons, Hull; PGCE


Senior School Teaching

Design Technology and Creative Arts

Mr T Masters BA (Hons), Dip Arch (Hons Architecture; PGCE Goldsmiths  Head of Design

Mrs M Aspden BA (Hons) London;  PGCE  

Mr D Branch BA (Hons) Middlesex; PGCE   Head ofArt 
Mrs I Gilbert BA St Martins, London; PGCE   

English Faculty 

Ms A Chandler MA BA (Hons) Cambridge, MA London; QTS Head of English Faculty
Mrs C Beecham BA (Hons) Brunel, MA Goldsmiths; PGCE English and Head of Year 8 
Ms F Meadows BA (Hons) York; MA PGCE   English
Ms H Retallack BA (Hons) Sussex; MA; PGCE English

Humanities Faculty

Mr I Gerrard BA Bangor; PGCE Head of History and Head of Humanities Faculty 
Mr B Crozier BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE    History and Extended Project Qualification
Mrs A Neilson Nagy BA (Hons) UCL; PGCE History and Philosophy
Miss G Parsons BA (Hons), Nottingham; PGCE  History and Politics
Mr T Cannon BA Nottingham; PGCE  Head of Business and Enterprise 
Mrs A Meachen BSc (Hons) London, PGCE Business and Economics
Miss S Williams MA Cantab (Cambridge); PGCE Head of Classics, Assistant Head of Sixth Form 
Miss E Wood PGCE; Greenwich French
Mrs M Ryan BA London  Latin 
Mrs L Stevens BSc Plymouth; PGCE  Head of Geography and Educational visits co-ordinator 
Mr P Atkinson MA, BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE Geography and Head of Upper School (Years 9, 10 and 11) Academic
Ms R Sivyer MSc, BA (Hons) London; PGCE Head of Psychology
Mr S Barnett BA (Hons), Lancaster, MA Lancaster Head of Religious Studies

Maths Faculty 

Mrs S O'Hanlon ACCEG, BSc London; PGCE Head of Maths Faculty
Ms W Short MA Sussex, BSc Bath; PGCE Maths 
Miss J Szili MSc, BA Budapest Maths
Mr R Whitely BSc Belfast: PGCE Maths
Miss H Dickinson BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE Head of Computing 
Mr D Nott BSc Reading  Director of IT and teacher of Computing 

Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs N Rosado BA Spain; PGCE Acting Head of MFL and teacher of Spanish 
Mrs A Turvey BA (Hons), Bangor: A, QTS  Head of German
Ms K Fortin MA Lille; PGCE Leeds  French
Miss E Wood PGCE; Greenwich  
Mrs T Chung BA Canterbury; DipEd, TESOL Head of Mandarin 

Performing Arts Faculty 

Mrs J Tyrrell BA Sussex; PGCE  Head of Drama and Head of Year 7 
Mr G Corr MA, BA (Hons), Bournemouth; PGCE Drama
Mrs E Gunton BMus (Hons), Royal College of Music, dipABRSM; QTS  Director of Music and School Consultant Teacher
Miss R Smith MA Goldsmiths, BMus Hons; PGCE Music 

Physical Education Department 

Miss H Morrell BSc (Hons); Brunel Director of Sport 
Miss E Reed Grad Dip Ed, Western Australia BSc; Western Australia  PE and Head of Upper School (Years 9, 10 and 11) Pastoral  
Mrs L Brooks BSc St Mary's; PGCE PE
Miss J Swinge BA (Hons), Chichester; QTS PE
Miss A Newton PE
Miss T McGovern PE (Student Teacher)

Science Faculty

Dr A Mustafa BSc Cantab. PhD Cantab; PGCE Head of Science Faculty
Mr D Laber BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Biology
Mrs K Elliott BSc Cardiff; PGCE Biology and Head of Sixth Form
Mr P Jordan BSc City; PGCE  Head of Physics
Miss I Chowdhury BSc London; MSc; PGCE Physics
Miss L Maggs BSc (Hons) Portsmouth; PGCE Science


Junior School Teaching


Mrs A Brown BA Goldsmiths; PGCE 
  Mrs H Cannell BA (Hons), Hull; PGCE
  Mrs A Waite BA Greenwich, BSc London; PGCE


Mrs A Smith, BEd London
  Ms S Eastaugh, BEd Greenwich

Year 1

Mrs N Roberts, MEd Belfast, MA (Hons); 
  Miss V White, BA Exeter; PGCE

Year 2 

Mrs J Donnelly BA London
  Mrs M Karakosta BA South Africa

Year 3 

Mrs N Gould BA Birmingham; PGCE 
  Miss C Wilmot BA (Hons) Leeds; PGCE

Year 4 

Mr N Monstert Higher Dip in Education, South Sfrica
  Ms S Daly BEd Greenwich

Year 5 

Mrs M Gilfedder-Bonnar LLB (Hons) Strathclyde: PGCE
  Mrs R Coles MA Cantab. GTP

Year 6

Mrs L Nolan BSc Hull; PGCE


Ms A Hamburger BA (Hons) Camberwell


Mrs A Wehner-Moriseau PGCE Canterbury, Maitrise in English Literature and Civilisation, Universite Francois Rabelais-Tours


Mrs. J. Sharma BA (Hons) Leeds

Teaching Assistants



Mrs J Cornwell NNEB Forest School Leader  Foundation degree Early Years; BA (Hons) Early Years 

Mrs L Maloney NNEB

Mrs M Nance BTEC National Certificate

Mrs L Reis NVQ Level 2 Childhood Education, NVQ Level 3 TA


Mrs A Shelley NVQ Level 3

Mrs J Truman Foundation Degree in Early Years Education


Year 1 

Miss T Stadnik MA Poland

Mrs F Kiroglu

Mrs R Matharu BSc, Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 

Miss M Crampton

Mrs E Morris NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Early Years and Education

Year 3 

Mrs D Galbraith BTEC in Childhood Studies 

Ms T Smith BA Greenwich 

Year 4/5/6 

Mrs L Madduri BSc NVQ level 2 & 3 Early Years & Childcare


Junior School Support Staff

Administrator and PA to Head of Junior School 

Mrs M Coles 

Administrative Assistants 

Ms S McCully

Mrs L Scrace

Mrs J Welsh

IT Technician

Mr R Wraight

After School Care Supervisor 

Ms L Reis

After School Care Assistants 

Ms S Phillips

Mrs L Sadgrove

Ms A Morris

Ms S Morris BSc London Metropolitan

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P Dedman

School Nurse

MRs S Morgan-Elphick UKCC RGN, Registered Paediatric Nurse

School Counsellor 

Mrs F Taylor BACP

Junior School Caretakers 

Mr A Baird

Mr S Kadavath (Evening Caretaker)

Junior School Mini Bus Driver 

Mr R Eyers


Senior School Support Staff

PA to Head and Office Manager

Mrs K Cotton 

Site Network Manager 

Mr K Arrowsmith BA Canterbury Christ Church  

Marketing Manager 

Mrs C Rafferty

Marketing Officer

Mrs P Ray

Examinations Office  

Mrs J Hrebien BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE

Admissions Officer 

Mrs F Nichols BA London 

SLT Administrative Assistant 

Mrs A Allen 

IT Technician

Mr L Amber


Mrs D Glazebrook BSc (Hons) Northumbria

Learning Support Assistant/SENCO

Mrs B Fitzpatrick BEd (Hons), HDip and MA 

Administrative Assistant   

Mrs S Baber

Human Resource Assistant 

Mrs S Read 


Mrs J Smith

Miss S Rowland

School Nurse 

Mrs S Morgan-Elphick UKCC RGN Registered Paediatric Nurse

School Counsellor 

Mrs F Taylor BACP

Laboratory Technicians 

Mrs R Richards BSc Teeside

Mrs A Birkett MSc, BSc (Hons)

DT and Art Technicians 

Mr A Weaver BA Wolverhampton, Ma London 

Ms F McCaul BA Leeds, MA Leeds

Language Assistants 

Ms H Simsolo

Ms H Li

Ms I Ludzik

Mrs K Tatzel

Enterprise Caretaker 

Mr T Cole 

Senior Caretaker 

Mr D Grayson 

Assistant Caretaker 

Mr S Meredith (also Mini Bus Driver)

Mr T Cole (Saturday - Enterprise Open Door)

Gap year tutors 

Miss K Boness

Miss J Needham

Miss Waterson

Visiting LAMDA Coaches 

Miss L Tregear BA Oxford

Miss K Wilton

Mr T Wilton BA Manchester

Mrs C Critchlow RAD 

School Governing Board

Please click here to go to our Governors area 

Mr. J. Vennis BSC, P.G.C.E


Mrs J Eastaugh

Mrs L Fitzpatrick

Mrs K James

Ms J Jones

Ms R Russell

Ms C White




Visiting Music Staff at Senior School

Brass and Oboe

Miss M Hardman BMus (Hons), PG Dip 

Clarinet and Saxaphone 

Mr L Hignell BMus, GGSM

Electric and Acoustic Guitar 

Mr L Luckett LGSM 


Mrs K Blonz MMus, PG Dip 


Miss C Venton 

Ms M Obejera BMus

Piano and Theory 

Ms R Bouwmeester PG Dip 

Violin and Viola 

Mr A Dennant BA (Hons)


Ms N Wydenbach BA (Hons), BMus, GradDip (RCM)  

Mrs J Riley BA (Hons), PGDip (RAM), LRAM


Ms R Browne BMus


Mrs J Kemp BMus (Hons)

Cello and Double Bass  

Mr D James