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A glorious afternoon here at Osmington - it’s just not without a go on the giant swing!


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Bolivia 🇧🇴 wins Highly Commended delegate! Congratulations Zoë!


Well done girls!


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is the first ceremony of 2017-18...good luck to all delegates


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Bolivia - Anouk, Christine, Zoë and Emmy - at the Opening Ceremony


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Dragon boating today at the Olympic sailing park at Weymouth. Gorgeous location and weather too!


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girls celebrating


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We've arrived!! Year 7 PGL has begun with a beautiful beach adventure!


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Faces of enraptured Year 3s treated to a mini concert by our guitar teacher, David Black


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Beautiful morning on the Dorset coast. Everyone rested and looking forward to breakfast and Dragon Boating!…


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Bolivia are ready and raring to go at


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Wonderful beach walk before supper


Read about Tutti Flutti, the teacher who is breaking all the rules and more. The next issue of Highlife is now out!…


Well done girls!


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Martha and Grace get us started on the most scenic zip-wire spot!


Retweeted From Year 7 @ Blackheath

We’ve arrived! The sun is shining and we have a stunning view. Off to lunch!


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Mighty Girls club. We're planning an Ada Lovelace assembly


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The year 11 Day of Dance is underway with Contemporary and Street dance workshops


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Tons of leadership opps ; digital leaders, form capts, school executives and much more!


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head girl team first meeting with me - and more importantly Florence!


Bon Voyage!


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The Year 11 Geographers are successfully dodging the rain at Juniper Hall FSC!


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new after school cookery club off to a great start. chef Owen showing how it is done


And the winner is... us! Brilliant debating at the


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James certainly holds the reception girls' attention in Circus skills lessons. Happy learners!


Our girls taking part in the debating two related topics.


Our talented Sixth Formers busy sketching on an & trip. Check out that roof!


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Our lovely mum . Super pic!


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Why is girls' achievement at school not always reflected in the workplace? Revealing responses from our


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Another fantastic 'Long Notes' competition with over 40 participants and a record of 35.98 seconds set by Martha in…


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Year 12 A level Drama students wearing their badges to support the campaign for equal representation on s…


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Not at where the Arts are highly valued as subjects by girls, staff and parents.


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Netball Academy in the suuuuuunshine ☀️we ❤️netball


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It was Tennis & Hockey tournaments for the afternoon of the Southern Rally! The girls did so well


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Winners of the Dodgeball and Orienteering competitions today 👍🏻🙌🏻🏅


Read all about this amazing trip in the next issue of our ezine Highlife. Don't miss out, sign up now!…


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Year 1 had a great time at today. Where did the penguins go ??


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Juniors still full of energy at after school off-ice skating club!


Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs C Chandler-Thompson, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE  
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs C Maddison BA Staffordshire, MSc, Leicester; PGCE
Deputy Head (Academic) Miss P Dunn, MA Oxford; PGCE
Assistant Head (Co-curricular and Enrichment) Mrs C Pheiffer, BA London; QTS
Assistant Head (Organisation and Communication)   Mrs N Argile, BSc Newcastle; MSc; PGCE 
Director of Finance and Operations  Mr R Ryan



Junior School Leadership Team

Head of Junior School Mrs S Skevington, LLB (Hons) Sheffield; PGCE, EYP
Deputy Head of Junior School  Mrs M Gilfedder-Bonnar, LLB (Hons) Strathclyde; BSc (Honours) Psychology; PGCE
Assistant Head and Head of Key Stage 2  Ms S Daly, BEd Greenwich
Head of Key Stage 1  Mrs N Roberts, MEd, Belfast, MA (Hons); PGCE
Head of EYFS Miss E Riordan, BA Hons University College Worcester


Senior School Teaching

Design Technology and Creative Arts

Mr T Masters, BA (Hons), Dip Arch (Hons) Architecture; PGCE Goldsmiths Head of Design Technology

Mrs M Aspden, BA (Hons) London;  PGCE  

Mr D Branch, BA (Hons) Middlesex; PGCE   Head of Art 
Mrs I Gilbert, BA St Martins, London; PGCE  Art

English Faculty 

Ms A Chandler, MA, BA (Hons) Cambridge, MA London; QTS Head of English Faculty
Mrs C Beecham, BA (Hons) Brunel, MA Goldsmiths; PGCE English and Head of Year 8 and 9
Ms F Meadows, BA (Hons) York; MA, York; PGCE   English
Ms H Retallack, BA (Hons) Sussex; MA; PGCE English and Co-ordinator of 'Girls First'

Humanities Faculty

Mr I Gerrard, BA Bangor; PGCE Head of History and Humanities Faculty 
Mr B Crozier, BA (Hons), Leeds; PGCE    History/Extended Project Qualification and Teacher in charge of Debating
Mrs A Neilson Nagy, BA (Hons) UCL; PGCE History and Philosophy, and Assistant Head of Upper School
Miss G Parsons, BA (Hons), Nottingham; PGCE  History and Politics, and Teacher in charge of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award 
Mr T Cannon, BA Nottingham; PGCE  Head of Business and Enterprise 
Miss S Williams, MA Cantab (Cambridge); PGCE Head of Classics, Assistant Head of Sixth Form 
Mrs M Ryan, BA London  Latin 
Mrs L Stevens, BSc Plymouth; PGCE  Head of Geography and Educational Visits Co-ordinator 
Miss K Hickman, MA (Hons) Dundee; PGCE Geography
Ms R Sivyer, MSc, BA (Hons) London; PGCE Head of Psychology
Mr S Barnett, BA (Hons), Lancaster, MA Lancaster; PGCE Head of Religious Studies

Maths Faculty 

Mrs S O'Hanlon, ACCEG, BSc London; PGCE Head of Maths Faculty
Ms W Short, MA Sussex, BSc Bath; PGCE Maths 
Mrs G Silvestros, BSc (Hons) Exeter; PGCE Maths
Miss J Szili, MSc, BA Budapest Maths
Mr S Tarr, MEng (Hons) Nottingham, PGCE Maths
Miss H Dickinson, BSc (Hons)Loughborough; PGCE Head of Computing 
Mr D Nott, BSc, Reading  Director of IT and Teacher of Computing 

Modern Foreign Languages 

Miss S Jackson, BA (Hons) Exeter; PGCE Head of MFL and Head of French
Mrs N Rosado, BA Spain; PGCE

Head of Spanish 

Mrs A Turvey, BA (Hons), Bangor; MA, QTS  Head of German

Miss E Wood, PGCE; Greenwich

Mrs T Chung, BA Canterbury; DipEd, TESOL Head of Mandarin 

Performing Arts Faculty 

Mrs J Tyrrell, BA Sussex; PGCE  Head of Drama and Head of Year 7 
Mr G Corr, MA, BA (Hons), Bournemouth; PGCE Drama
Mrs E Gunton, BMus (Hons), Royal College of Music, dipABRSM; QTS  Director of Music and School Consultant Teacher
Miss R Smith, MA Goldsmiths, Mus B (Hons); PGCE Music 

Physical Education Department 

Miss H Morrell, BSc (Hons); Brunel Director of Sport 
Miss E Reed, Grad Dip Ed, Western Australia BSc; Western Australia  PE and Head of Upper School (Years 9, 10 and 11) 
Mrs L Brooks, BSc St Mary's; PGCE PE
Miss J Swinge, BA (Hons), Chichester; QTS PE
Miss A Newton Co-ordinator of KS2 PE

Science Faculty

Dr A Mustafa, BSc Cantab. PhD Cantab; PGCE Head of Science Faculty
Mr D Laber, BSc Bristol; PGCE Head of Biology
Mrs K Elliott, BSc Cardiff; PGCE Biology and Head of Sixth Form
Mr P Jordan, BSc City; PGCE  Head of Physics
Miss I Chowdhury, BSc London; MSc; PGCE Physics
Miss L Maggs, BSc (Hons) Portsmouth; PGCE Science


Junior School Teaching



Mrs H Cannell, BA (Hons), Hull; PGCE

Mrs A Waite, BA Greenwich, BSc London; PGCE


Miss E Riordan, BA Hons University College Worcester

Mrs A Smith, BEd London


Year 1

Mrs N Roberts, MEd Belfast, MA (Hons); PGCE

Miss V White, BA Exeter; PGCE

Year 2 

Mrs J Donnelly, BA London

Mrs M Karakosta, BA South Africa

Year 3 

Miss C Bolton, MA (Hons), Glasgow; PGCE

Miss R Coles, MA Cantab, GTP

Year 4

Miss P Griffiths, BA (Hons) Greenwich

Mr N Monstert, Higher Dip in Education, South Africa

Year 5

Ms S Daly, BEd Greenwich

Mrs M Gilfedder-Bonnar, LLB (Hons) Strathclyde; PGCE

Year 6

Mrs L Nolan, BSc Hull; PGCE

Mrs S Burt, BSc, Bristol; PGCE


Ms A Hamburger, BA (Hons) Camberwell


Mrs A Wehner-Moriseau, PGCE Canterbury, Maitrise in English Literature and Civilisation, Universite Francois Rabelais-Tours


Mrs J Sharma, BA (Hons) Leeds

Teaching Assistants



Miss L Dwyer, Advanced Level Apprenticeship in the Children and Young People's Workforce: Early Years Educator

Mrs L Maloney, NNEB

Mrs M Nance, BTEC National Certificate

Mrs L Reis, NVQ Level 2 Childhood Education, NVQ Level 3 TA

Mrs J Truman, Foundation Degree in Early Years Education


Mrs J Cornwell, NNEB Forest School Leader, Foundation Degree Early Years; BA (Hons) Early Years

Mrs A Shelley, NVQ Level 3

Year 1 

Miss T Stadnik, MA Poland

Mrs F Kiroglu

Mrs R Matharu, BSc, Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 

Miss M Crampton

Mrs E Morris, NVQ Level 3, Diploma in Early Years and Education

Year 3 

Mrs D Galbraith, BTEC in Childhood Studies 

Ms T Smith, BA Greenwich 

Year 4/5/6 

Mrs L Madduri, BSc NVQ level 2 & 3 Early Years & Childcare



Junior School Support Staff

Administrator and PA to Head of Junior School 

Mrs M Coles 

Administrative Assistants 

Ms S McCully

Mrs L Scrace

Mrs J Welsh

IT Technician

Mr R Wraight

After School Care Supervisor 

Ms L Reis

After School Care Assistants 

Ms L Reis

Ms A Morris

Ms S Morris, BSc London Metropolitan

Miss S Latif

Ms S Rowan

Mrs E Cockings

Ms I Shevalova

Ms H Tuukkanen

Midday Supervisor

Mrs P Dedman

Mrs E Cockings

School Nurse

Mrs S Morgan-Elphick, UKCC RGN, Registered Paediatric Nurse

School Counsellor 

Mrs F Taylor, BACP

Junior School Caretakers 

Mr A Baird

Mr S Kadavath Sasi (Evening Caretaker)

Junior School Mini Bus Driver 

Mr R Eyers


Senior School Support Staff

PA to Head and Office Manager

Mrs K Cotton 

Site Network Manager 

Mr K Arrowsmith, BA Christ Church, Canterbury

Marketing Manager 

Ms C Rafferty

Marketing Officer

Mrs P Ray, BA (Hons) Goldsmiths

Finance Officer

Miss L Smith

Finance Assistant

Mrs A Lartey

Examinations Officer  

Mrs J Hrebien, BSc (Hons) Loughborough; PGCE

Admissions Officer 

Mrs F Nichols, BA London 

SLT Administrative Assistant 

Mrs A Allen 

IT Technician

Mr L Amber

Resources Centre Manager

Mrs D Glazebrook, BSc (Hons), Northumbria

Learning Support Assistant/SENCO

Mrs B Fitzpatrick, BEd (Hons), HDip and MA 

Administrative Assistant   

Mrs S Baber

Human Resources Assistant 

Mrs S Read 


Mrs J Smith (Morning)

Miss S Rowland (Afternoon)

School Nurse 

Mrs S Morgan-Elphick, UKCC RGN, Registered Paediatric Nurse

School Counsellor 

Mrs F Taylor, BACP

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Tatzel

Laboratory Technicians 

Mrs R Richards, BSc Teeside

Mrs A Birkett, MSc, BSc (Hons)

DT and Art Technician

Mr A Weaver, BA Wolverhampton, MA London 

Art Technician

Miss I Copley, BA London

Language Assistants 

Ms H Simsolo

Ms I Ludzik

Mrs K Tatzel

Facilities Manager

Mr S Douglas

Enterprise Caretaker 

Mr T Cole 

Senior Caretakers 

Mr D Grayson

Mr A Baird 


Mr S Meredith (also Mini Bus Driver)

Mr T Cole 

Mr S Kadavath Sasi

Mr R Eyers (Supply Caretaker and Mini Bus Driver)

Mini Bus Drivers

Mr R Bloomfield

Ms S Samuels

Gap year tutors 

Miss K Boness

Miss J Needham

Miss A Waterson

Visiting LAMDA Coaches 

Miss L Tregear, BA Oxford

Miss K Wilton

Mr T Wilton, BA Manchester

Mrs C Critchlow, RAD 

School Governing Board

To find out more about our Governors, please visit the Governors section.  

Mr J Vennis, BSC, PGCE Chairman

Mrs J Eastaugh

Ms R Hafez

Dr S Humayun

Mrs K James

Ms J Jones

Mrs E Little

Mr M Robinson

Ms R Russell


Visiting Music Staff at Senior School

Brass and oboe

Miss M Hardman, BMus (Hons), PG Dip 

Clarinet and saxophone 

Mr L Hignell, BMus, GGSM

Electric and acoustic guitar 

Mr L Luckett, LGSM 


Mrs K Blonz, MMus, PG Dip 


Miss C Venton, ARCM 

Ms M Obejera, BMus

Miss R Smith, MMus

Piano and theory 

Ms R Bouwmeester, PG Dip 

Violin and viola 

Mr A Dennant, BA (Hons)


Ms N Wydenbach, BA (Hons), BMus, GradDip (RCM) 

Mrs J Riley BA (Hons), PG Dip (RAM), LRAM


Ms R Browne, BMus


Mrs J Kemp, BMus (Hons)

Cello and double bass  

Mr D James