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Pillars of Learning


At Blackheath High School we deliver an education that provides opportunities to develop skills, to gain knowledge and to strengthen character. In order to achieve this, our teaching and learning is supported by our unique 'Pillars of Learning': Resilience; Enterprise, Innovation; Community Spirit and Environmental Awareness. Implementing these pillars encourages our girls to develop the thoughts, values and behaviours that we promote at Blackheath High School.
We provide an enriched curriculum that is not confined to a classroom or restricted to school hours. Instead, we recognise that everything we do has the power to influence the kind of women that our girls will become. Our 'Pillars of Learning' support our aim to equip our learners with the confidence needed to see opportunities not boundaries, challenges not obstacles and a belief in themselves that they have an important contribution to make to their School, to their community and beyond.



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Environmentally aware: