• Junior Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum

In Key Stage 1, the girls learn through a creative approach as we know that children learn best through connected learning, ensuring that everything has meaning.

The creative journey is set around a topic, such as ‘A walk in the Woods’ and learning is drawn from stories, visits and experiences which all intertwine in the common theme. As often as possible, we try to ensure that the creative contexts for learning connect with the children, their local area and the community and current issues.

The learning that takes place is truly cross-curricular as relevant aspects of history, geography and science are drawn upon in a meaningful way and learning allows the teaching and study of art and technology with more freedom.  English has a very strong focus, and skills such as comprehension, reading, writing and spelling are all covered.  They are however, given meaning as part of a theme.

A topic begins with a ‘Stunning Start’ which whets the children’s appetites for the learning and discovery that is about to take place. They no longer learn in ‘pigeon-holed’ subject areas that are divorced from each other. In addition to exciting trips and workshops, teachers draw on the wealth of fantastic literature that is available, enabling children to make meaningful connections as they learn.

We believe that the girls should arrive at school every day with the joyful anticipation of something exciting happening.  The girls are animated and excited about the topics and their thoughts and opinions are valued. 

Learning has to be memorable and mined deep within. The girls end up with a project book where finished work based around the topic context is stored.  This contains work across the curriculum and is something that the girls can take real pride in. The learning journey is mapped out for each child to remember.

It is true that the children are inspired to learn in a way that leads them to ask questions and thirst for more!