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What We Offer

At Blackheath High School we aim to nurture all-round achievement and believe that developing interests such as sport, music, debating, drama and outdoor pursuits is the best way of doing this. We are absolutely committed to an all-round, holistic education where co-curricular activities are valued almost as much as the academic.

The outcome of an education at Blackheath High School does not leave our pupils with just excellent GCSE and A level certificates but also with the skills, competencies and personal qualities that will help them to make a success of their adult lives.

Qualifications can be compared to keys; the better the qualifications, the more keys a young person acquires and our aim is to ensure that, by the time girls leave Blackheath High, they have keys to all the doors that they might wish to open, leading them on to different careers and opportunities. Opening those doors will be an exciting, but not frightening prospect for our girls, because we help them to develop confidence and encourage them to take some risks.
We also believe that, whilst qualifications are the keys that will open doors, further progress will depend on personal qualities such as social skills, reliability, work ethic, a sense of responsibility, leadership, initiative and resilience. At Blackheath High School we take steps to develop these 'soft skills'.
Our girls typically become resilient, confident and adaptable young women with a love of learning and are recognised for their friendliness, sense of responsibility and independence of thought. Typically, they go out into the world and make a difference.


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