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Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department at Blackheath High School where we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of physical activities throughout the curriculum and in the extra-curricular programme. We aim to find every student an activity they enjoy, and will become lifelong participants. Our programme therefore is an even balance of those competitive sporting activities and those where the emphasis is on aesthetic qualities or skill acquisition.
Key Stage 3
During Key Stage 3, students will follow activity blocks in Netball, Hockey, Rounders, Cross Country, Tennis and Athletics, in their games afternoons at the Kidbrooke Grove sports site. In single lessons students will have opportunities to participate in Dance, Gymnastics and Fitness. Girls in Year 7 will have an extra double to complete Swimming classes.
Key Stage 4
In Years 10 & 11 students continue with their games afternoons one week onsite, where they get an element of choice in termly blocks of; Fitness, Trampolining, Basketball, Badminton, Boxercise and Volleyball. The offsite week at Kidbrooke Grove sports site allows further choices in activities from; Orienteering, Tag Rugby, Netball, Hockey, and Fitness.
There are also single lessons in which students can chose to follow the GCSE Physical Education short course. The syllabus will be taught during the girls' core Physical Education lessons giving all pupils the opportunity to achieve an examination qualification in this subject area. 
The GCSE is 60% practical, requiring the submission of two practical sports for assessment. Therefore any student that has two strong sports from school or external clubs we encourage to take the option within the core lessons. The other 40% of the course is theoretical work; covering exercise training, anatomy and physiology and the social aspects of Sport.
Sixth Form Physical Education
In Year 12, all pupils have a single period of PE each week during which there is a choice of a variety of sporting activities, including Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball, and the use of our fitness suite or coaching in ‘Boxercise’ and ‘Zumba’ classes is offered by the department during their lesson time. 





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