• Senior Maths


What do sunflowers, rabbits and pine cones have in common? How do prime numbers provide security when shopping on the Internet? Which football team was the most exciting to watch in the World Cup? Mathematics can provide the answers….

The Mathematics Department at Blackheath High School is a lively group of highly committed and dedicated teachers. We aim to make learning Mathematics an enjoyable experience for girls of all ages and abilities within the school, and to engender a spirit of enquiry and a resourceful interest in the subject. As girls mature, they are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. As a department, we share a philosophy and adopt common policies about our pupils' learning experiences in the subject. Our girls benefit greatly from small class sizes which ensure that we can meet their individual needs. Mathematics is consistently one of the most popular subject choices at AS and A-level.u

Our curriculum extends the girls beyond the programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum. Girls are taught in mixed-ability form groups in Year 7 until November and in sets from then onwards. Movement between the sets is made when necessary, based on assessment by the teachers.

At GCSE, we follow the Edexcel examination syllabus. We expect that all our girls will be entered for the Higher tier linear examinations. We were very pleased with our results this year: our girls achieved very good results with 73% at A* to B.

We also offer the course Additional Mathematics (Advanced level) OCR as a club for our most able girls in years 10 and 11 which can be examined in year 11. Last year was our first cohort through the course and 87% of the results were A* to B.

To see details of National Curriculum in Mathematics, go to www.nc.uk.net

Full details of the examination syllabus are available at www.edexcel.org.uk

We offer Mathematics at AS and A-level and Further Mathematics at AS and A2 level. Mathematics continues to be one of the most popular subject choices at both AS and A2 levels. We follow the Edexcel syllabus. At AS-level, the girls study two core modules of pure mathematics (C1 and C2) as well as an applied module. At A2, girls study two more core modules of pure mathematics, building on the knowledge gained in Year 12, again complemented by an applied module. We offer the following modules in applied mathematics: Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Maths. Again, our results were excellent with 88% at A* to B for Maths A level and 100% at A* to B for the Further Maths A level.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Mathematics Department provides a range of extra-curricular activities across all age groups. We run mathematics drop-in sessions daily for all age groups which aim to provide support and extension activities for any girls who like to be challenged. All girls are entered for the National Mathematics Challenges: Year 7 and 8 girls take the Junior Challenge; years 9, 10 and 11 take the Intermediate Challenge and sixth form students are entered for the Senior Challenge (for more information see www.ukmt.org.uk ).

Every year we have one or two students who achieve so highly that they go forward to the Olympiad which is used as the entry for an international competition. In addition we enter teams for UKMT Team challenge at both Junior and Senior level.

On trip days we run Maths workshops for KS2 and KS3 girls and always invite local partnership schools to join us. For the sixth form we organise a visit to the Maths Inspiration talks in London hearing inspirational speakers such as Matt Parker and Simon Singh.

For the last two years we have participated in the Jaguar Challenge run by Maths in Action, which is a national competition, and our girls reached the national final for their age group both times.