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At Blackheath High School, the Classics Department has the following aims:

  • to develop an interest in the Latin language, both in its own right and as a foundation for English and other modern foreign languages
  • to foster enthusiasm for the ancient world, its customs, ideas, achievements, literature and languages
  • to enable pupils to develop a deeper understanding of today's issues through the ideas prevalent in classical times
  • to stimulate interest in sites of archaeological interest in the local area, the United Kingdom and abroad
  • to reward achievement

All pupils study Latin in Years 7, 8 and 9.  We follow the Cambridge Latin Course which enables pupils to develop competence in the Latin language through reading stories about Roman life.  Pupils are encouraged to make connections between Latin and the English words derived from it, thus expanding their English vocabulary.  Latin encourages pupils to focus on the structure of language generally, and helps with English and modern foreign languages.  Achievement in Latin at this level is rewarded through the Cambridge Latin Certificate scheme.

In Years 10 and 11 Latin is an optional subject at GCSE.  During the course language skills are developed to a level where pupils are able to study Roman literature in Latin.    Some Y10 pupils are also working towards Short Course GCSE in Classical Greek.

Latin and Classical Civilisation can be studied in the sixth form to advanced level. 

Trips and visits enable pupils to experience a range of aspects of the ancient cultures.  In February 2011 48 pupils visited the Bay of Naples to explore the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum and the volcanic areas of Vesuvius and Solfatara.  All Year 8 pupils visit the Roman Theatre and Verulamium Museum at St Albans to learn about Roman social life.  All Year 9 pupils visit Fishbourne Roman Palace to learn about Roman construction, design and horticulture.  Sixth Form Classical Civilisation students make frequent theatre visits to see Greek Tragedy and comic drama.  They also visit the British Museum and Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge to support their study of Greek Art and Architecture.

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