• Senior Cookery


The Blackheath High School Cookery Programme ethos:

“simple cooking is a fundamental skill that every person should master – it is at the heart of tackling obesity and will enable future generations to understand food, diet and nutrition, and put together healthy meals for their entire lives."

Students should have an awareness of the role and value of food in society; an understanding of food science and nutrition; a working knowledge of food safety and hygiene; to provide and teach skills in food preparation and cooking.

Students from Y7 to Y12 & Y13 learn how to cook ‘real food’ that range from muffins, crumbles, cakes, to savoury dishes; pizza, risotto, pies, fajitas, curry and noodle stir fry.

Y12 & Y13 also cook as part of their extra-curricular creativity sessions; getting them ready for their university survival!!

The aim of the cookery department is as follows:

A student will be capable of, over time:

·  handle and use food with increasing knowledge and understanding about what they are doing

·  employ the necessary skills to carry ideas through to successful outcomes

·  operate with a depth and breadth of understanding about the uses, values and applications of food in a variety of contexts

·  put these essential lifeskills to effective use as consumers and citizens

This is achieved by focused practical tasks which give students the opportunity to learn and practise particular skills and knowledge.