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Pastoral Care

Our aim at Blackheath High School is to promote the academic development and personal wellbeing of every student throughout their time in the school. We believe that students work better when they feel secure and well-cared for.

We have a well developed system of pastoral care which seeks to:

  • provide effective support, advice and guidance for all pupils,
  • monitor the academic progress and personal development of each student

Each form of around 20 girls is looked after by a form tutor. Form tutors are overseen by Heads of Section. In this way, we ensure that all our students receive the individual care and attention that helps them to flourish at Blackheath High School.

We also have a school nurse and a school counsellor available to students. Moreover, we are particularly proud of our Peer Mentoring system whereby students can go to older girls who have been trained as Peer Mentors and discuss any issues that arise.

Pupil Voice

At Blackheath High School we are proud of our students. We encourage them to be articulate and responsible citizens and to this end, we seek to provide opportunities for students to give feedback on issues that concern them.

The Head Girl Team meet regularly with the Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher and the Head of Sixth Form.

Both the Junior and Senior Schools have School Councils that meet regularly and provide a forum for pupils to raise and discuss issues that concern them.

At the Senior School students also have a Food Committee where they discuss all aspects of food provision with the Business Manager and Senior Cook.

A thriving middle Student Ambassadors

Students can apply to represent the school as a 'Student Ambassador' and therefore become the 'public face' of Blackheath High School.

There is also a thriving middle and senior school Debating Society and Public Speaking Society.

We encourage all our students to participate in a range of activities which are designed to develop their potential as active citizens; and they are given the opportunity to develop skills, values, attitudes and beliefs through:

  • The academic curriculum, including R.E.
  • Assemblies
  • The PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) programme
  • Industry links, including work experience (in UK and abroad)
  • Community links
  • School productions
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Music and sporting activities
  • Charity fundraising
  • Participation in House events
  • School visits and journeys
  • KS3 Philosophy


All senior pupils have a regular, timetabled opportunity for personal, social, health and citizenship education through the PSHE programme. In the junior department the PSHE programme is integrated into the basic curriculum, assemblies and Circle Time.

The programme is based on a commitment to equal opportunities for all pupils and celebrates cultural diversity, to prepare pupils for life in a multi-cultural society. The programme addresses a wide range of issues, including:

  • Health education (including sex education)
  • Environmental education
  • Careers education (including work experience)
  • Citizenship
  • Economic and industrial understanding
  • Awareness of global dimensions

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